2016 Forecast


Happy New Year all! 2016 is going to be a great year- I can tell. Especially because of the amazing interior design styles that are making their way into current trends. Lets take a quick look at whats up and coming! Bringing the Outdoors, In. This involves bringing a lot of the natural elements into […]

The Unexpected Chartreuse


Let’s talk color, let’s talk design, let’s talk inspiration! Recently, we have noticed that the color chartreuse has made some surprising appearances into the interior design world. The reason this is so surprising is because it tends to be a difficult color to decorate with! I mean, let’s be real. Its bright green. Buuut of course, we […]

Colors and Patterns and Shapes- Oh My!

New Arrivals

At Inspire Q, we can’t seem to get our minds off of patterns, textures, and bold colors. This summer, we’ve been changing the game by dreaming up hot new design ideas to make your home pop with color and originality! Benches are smoking hot this season, and we’re bringing you our best benches for enjoyment in the bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else your imagination takes you!

Everything Summer


The sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds, and whenever that happens, we start to think of everything summer! Pretty patterns and bright colors always seem to come to mind when the warm weather hits. Whether you’re drawn to calming beach house decor or bright, bold accents, summer is the time you can […]

Summer Forecast – Seaside Makeover


How often do you get an idea, but never fully follow through because you aren’t sure you will be able to execute it in complete? We’re here to help you go from sort of having a design idea, to committing to a solid room transformation, with this before-and-after Seaside bedroom makeover. Centered is a timeless […]


Springtime is precious to many Chicagoans. Signifying the good riddance of another brisk winter, it welcomes us with the transition from snow to showers, and ice to icing– on our Easter cupcakes of course! Throughout all of these changes, we at Inspire Q have been pondering ways for you to make the most of this […]


Indie Color Forcast - Pantone Color of the Year

 1. Start with Structure: Fill your home with clean silhouettes in neutral tones; simply swap accessories to update to this rich, full bodied color. 2. Use Paint Swatches: Paint swatches aren’t just useful for wall color; they are a great and easy take along piece to help match colors while shopping for accessories. 3. Find Your Color Inspirations: […]