High Point House: Two Guestroom Styles


The next two guest bedrooms in the High Point House are a simple study in interior design; the before photos show that the rooms were in pretty good shape, if not bland. The perfect blank slate! The fun aspect of Mid Century design is that you have room to do the unexpected, and because contemporary […]

High Point House: Guestroom & Bathroom


We’re winding down the High Point House Renovation project, and we only have one guestroom and the guest bathroom remodel to talk about! This bedroom is a little different from the others, featuring a daybed and trundle. It’s also a unique style blend of casual-industrial-meets-Mid Century-modern. This room puts emphasis on the often over-looked fact […]

High Point House: Kids’ Guestroom


The High Point House has five bedrooms, including the master suite, so that meant plenty of room for guests!  Bringing a Mid-Century style to life while still keeping things fun and inviting wasn’t too difficult with the help of a bright and trendy color scheme. We geared the look toward something kids would love, but […]

High Point House: Living Room


Welcome to the High Point House once again, and for this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the living room renovation. With a wall of windows, bright colors and an unassuming design, this room has tons of personality and an inviting style. When we began, the space had some amazing bones; between […]

High Point House: Dining Space


In many great rooms, the dining area is usually just an extension of the kitchen, and while this is true at the High Point House, the dining space also connects to all the other entertaining spaces in the home, making it far more than just a place to have a meal! The space is also quite […]

High Point House: The Kitchen


The High Point House Kitchen may just be our favorite space in this home. The transformation is breathtaking and our designers have expertly merged old and new styles for a beautiful result. Adhering to the Mid Century Modern prescription, Everything is clean, bright, sleek and simple. However, we certainly did not overlook contemporary convenience and […]

High Point House: Recreation Room


This may be the coolest room in the High Point house! We are so excited about how the Recreation Room turned out—it was quite a transformation. One the great things about this particular space is all the natural light that streams in thanks to the wall of windows. It really brings a sense of the […]

High Point House: Sitting Room


Since we really wanted to emphasize the entertainment and social spaces of this home, we decided to render this cozy nook into a semi-open sitting room. It’s perfect for small group chats while still being a part of the larger kitchen/dining/living space. The area’s design is simple and straightforward, but since sitting rooms are traditionally […]

High Point House: Master Bedroom


In keeping with the spirit of the house we went with transitional furniture, adding a solid Mid Century vibe. What’s unique and a little daring about this design is the light and dark contrast. To achieve a fresh, retro inspired style without looking too dated, it’s important to use contemporary design sensibility alongside those vintage […]

A Closer Look at styling a Mid Century Dining Room

540C-ES + E5048-43_LS1_Jan 09 2017

So, you’ve chosen a beautiful, Mid Century Living dining set! You fell in love with simple, clean lines, space-age inspired angles, and natural wood grain finishes, and rightly so! But now what? How do  you put together a dining room that combines a Mid Century look and contemporary livability without making your home look too […]