Ottomans & Stools

Where else can you rest your feet after a long day of work? The ottoman and stool is an essential piece in your living room. When choosing the material for your ottoman or stool it is important to pick the right one for you and your space. If you are searching for comfort, a linen or cotton fabric will be best. If you look for elegance and sophistication in your space leather or tufted material is preferred and rich with textures.




Square is the most common shape of ottoman you will find. It goes well in most spaces and works well with a space that doesn’t offer a lot of room.


Best for families with children that need ample storage space and functionality.


The round ottoman is adaptable in many spaces. It adds more of a design element to the space and acts as the center piece to top off the chair.


Allows for more surface area, multiple feet to rest on, and storage space. Great for large spaces.