3 Easy Ways to Change Up Your Living Room


Sometimes you just get tired of the same look in your living room space. After all, it is a space you look at every day if not spend a lot of time in. It is okay to want to change up your space every now and then, style does change. iNSPIRE Q will show you three easy and inexpensive ways for you to change up the look of your living room.




Throw Pillows

It is amazing how adding a simple splash of color or the change in a pattern from a throw pillow can change up a space’s look entirely. You can go from having blue pillows and a cool color look of a space, to getting a simple black pillow like below and it completely transforms the room! Throw pillows are generally inexpensive to switch out and many people now change their throw pillows seasonally.


MCRR6581(Salsa+Coal+Latte)_EB_MCRR_LR44_Feb 08 2017



Wall Art

Any artist will tell you the easiest, yet most profound way to change a look of a room is the art you put around it. Below you see the same grey wall. However, we went from a modern mirror to switching it with picture frames. The wall doesn’t even look the same. The art that surrounds your space is what encapsulate and identifies that space. Switch out the prints, change the canvas, add a new frame, the options are endless.



562A163W(3A) + E501S-GF1 + 3438-30(3A) + E355C890W(3A) _(Square)

Everest lifestyle 21_200x800



Let there be light! Lighting can change the look of a space, affect your mood, and change the perception of your room all together. You can simply switch out a ceiling light or a floor and table lamp. Make the room more classic with ornate lamp shades or switch out the base with a more clean and modern look. It is very simple to do and cost efficient.


E152LT_LS1B _17-03-02

E154LT_LS1A _17-03-02

LARK1610 Lamps (Set of 2)Jul 20 2017EVEREST MEDIA INC

For more inspiration go to our Pinterest or our YouTube for styling tips.