Holiday Styling

It’s that time of year again where gift giving and holiday decor is abundant and nothing is more special than something you can’t buy. Our favorite space to give a quick facelift in anyone’s home is the entry area. The entry way is a space you can easily update small accessories that seasonally reflect your own personal style. Here we put together a few craft projects that will make your home look less cookie-cutter and more you!

2015 Valentines Day-03We really love decorating for the holidays but often get tired of the standard color pallets year after year. Luckily in our entry way, we already had the fantastic Claire Heirloom Red Desk that would serve as our 1 pop of color in our slightly non-traditional Valentine’s Day remix. Deciding to pair it with neutrals we already had laying around, we found it made a great base for our DIY projects.

While looking for craft inspiration, we fell in love with Green Wedding Shoes Pink String Heart Project. To create our version, we first cut out a heart shape and taped it to the center of the board. Then we nailed 2 boxes of escutcheon pins onto the black stained piece of wood about 3/8” apart around the hearts edge. After that it’s the fun part of winding the thread around the nails to create the web like pattern. Make sure to always hold the string tight otherwise it can slip off the nails – it happened to us a few times! Once you have the web pattern you desire, then make a tracing like outline with the thread around the heart shape to further define the edges. There you have it! Who doesn’t love a gold heart?