Classic Thanksgiving Decor


Autumn is about harvests, crisp weather, seasonal abundances, warm colors and pumpkin farm visits. Naturally, Thanksgiving is a culmination fall-inspired fun and family centered activities, as well as a kick-off to the holiday season. It’s a time for great food and company, so it’s only fitting that overflowing, colorful and bountiful decorations and arrangements are included in your Thanksgiving celebration! If you’re looking for a traditional look that’s bright, warm and inviting, we’ll show you how to create a gorgeous, classic style for this year’s Turkey Day.

The Basics


This arrangement seems relatively simple, yet it’s far from boring. It has depth, visual interest, and variety. There are a few specific elements responsible for this: color, texture, composition. Color is probably the easiest thing to start with, but it can be tricky. You may be a huge fan or orange or red, but using too much of one hue will overwhelm the arrangement. Try a combination of butter yellows, burnt oranges and deep maroons to get an over all effect. You’ll still achieve a dominant warm color palette, but it’ll feel more natural and appealing. Also, don’t forget to mix in your foliage! Green leaves will brighten up the whole arrangement, and green is an automatic color complement to reds and oranges. Be sure to carry the dominant colors all throughout the pieces you’re using. If orange is completely isolated to the tallest vase, then your eye will always be drawn instead of flowing throughout the arrangement. Add other objects that share in the color palette, like oranges or red succulents. The entire arrangement is grounded in coppers and browns, neutral tones that connect all the different pieces and help them work together.

The next important element to consider is texture. Part of what makes this arrangement interesting is variation of textures. The dull bronze and shiny coppers contrast with the woven, rustic texture of the basket to create a sense of depth. The last step to bringing all these colors, tones, florals and textures together is the composition. It’s important to pick vases, accessories and baskets that vary in height. Your goal is to achieve a visual pyramid so to speak, where the tallest object is centered and shorter objects surround the base.

All these steps may seem a bit detailed, but in actuality they’re pretty easy, and the results are full-proof!

Elegant Metallics


Now that we’ve covered some groundwork, let’s talk details. Traditional Thanksgiving décor does consist of nature inspired accessories—real vegetables and fruits are commonly used. But as traditions evolved, we see elements of glitz and glam make their way into the festive décor. Metallic pumpkins, acorns and leaves—whether they be in shades of copper, gold or bronze—add a formal and refined air. While these pieces offer a more reserved approach and may not have bold, punchy colors like crimson, yellow and maroon, they still create a warm and homey feel. EL-10.13.2015_12

Because of their elegance, pairing white and light neutral colors with metallic accessories will up the overall sense of sophistication while keeping the look simple. Grab a few cream and beige books to offset warm toned accessories like the amber glass piece, gold candle holder, and pumpkin. If you don’t have any neutral bound books, you can always wrap old books in canvas or burlap for the same effect. And if you’re really in the DIY mood, try spray painting miniature pumpkins instead of buying them! You’ll save a little, and you can choose which metallic sheen will work best for your home.

A white ceramic pumpkin is a great addition to the mix; it echoes the theme without distracting. As a finishing touch, incorporate a few tree branches for eye-catching texture and variety.

An Abundance of Pumpkins


When decorating for fall and Thanksgiving, you can never have too many pumpkins! We’ve talked about how to use pumpkins and (other decorative edibles) intermingled within your overall design, but in this lovely coffee table top display, pumpkins are front and center! They give such a festive, fun and full look that you can’t go wrong. Once you choose the right collection of pumpkins, the rest of the arrangement is easily built around them.


The key to using a so many of them all at the same time? Variety, in both color and size. If you want to use real pumpkins, you can find them in all sorts of shapes and colors at your local grocery store, from miniature to large, in white, green, and of course, orange. Think about choosing your larger pumpkins in white; they’ll give the arrangement bulk without taking over the scene. You can add in greens and oranges with medium and small sized ones. You might even want to pick up a few artichokes—they’re beautiful and colorful. To vary different heights, place one or two pumpkins in baskets, and nestle smaller ones next to large ones for contrast.

To add a few last touches to the design, grab some leaf garland to weave in and around all the accessories. This will literally tie everything together while adding color! If you can get your hands on them, use pumpkins made from twigs to give the look a rustic touch. To really create that abundant, overflowing look, incorporate a tall vase with a large arrangement of autumn sprigs, berries, branches and leaves. You’ll get the height and color needed to perfect an arrangement like this!

We hope you enjoyed these Thanksgiving decorating tips and tricks, and are inspired to bring them into your home!