Eclectic Styling: Part I


Elements of Eclectic Decorating

Are you a free spirit who thinks out of the box? Or do you love intersecting different time periods, styles and elements to create a look that is uniquely yours? Then an eclectic design may be just your style. Pulling together a 19th century inspired chair with a modern end table and 50s art can seem like a daunting task, but it’s entirely possible. There are a few ways to keep a common thread running throughout a creative space, and Part I of this style guide will help you get started!


Where to Start?

When finding your eclectic style, think about one element that speaks to you the most, and use that as a foundation for your design. Typically, if you like to mix and match, vintage and rustic items will catch your eye. But are you drawn more to Mid-Century pieces, southwestern patterns, Victorian charm or natural industrial finishes? Let’s break down the space pictured above:

The reigning style here is antique industrial, with the bare-bones wood and metal bookcase as a centerpiece. An element of glam is brought in with the gold metal bench, as well as a touch of contemporary simplicity in the gray linen chairs. Antique accessories like the faded rug and collection of baskets and chests help pull everything together, while a consistent yet understated red accent color solidifies the design. It’s always best to start with one or two main focal points then compile smaller pieces and accessories to refine the style. You’ll have a harmony of different elements, not a discord of clashing ideas.

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Mid Century Meets Vintage Rustic

This living space emphasizes a quirky, glam inspired, Mid Century look with rustic industrial touches. The biggest reason why this design works so well is the casual, uncomplicated sense that carries in the space. The futuristic coffee table and the geometric patterned throw pillows convey a retro vibe at the heart of this style, but the understated sofa and pastel accents create an easy flow that allows unexpected pieces like the industrial metal pipe bookcase to fit right in. Mixing metals like chrome and gold adds to the eclectic nature of the room without going overboard. Incorporating Mid Century accessories like a metal starburst or minimalist statue throughout the entire space will give depth to the design and keep the focal point relevant. Overall, the look is fresh, interesting and livable—exactly in-line with the essence of eclectic styling.

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Clean and Rustic Dining Room

Your dining room is no exception to an eclectic make-over! In fact, a dining space may be the one of the easier spaces to tackle: there are generally less pieces to worry about, and the focal point is obvious. It’s also a lot of fun to choose miss-matching chairs; you can really get creative! Since your dining table will be the center of the room, allow it to dictate you design. In the dining room pictured above, a rustic, natural mood drives the look. The table is simple and striking, making a statement all its own without getting in the way of the vibrant chartreuse host chairs. Transitional, white side chairs balance out the table and tie in the neutral and clean wall colors.

A mirrored, antique finished server continues the rustic idea while bringing in a whimsical element. The wall décor is minimal, with natural wood floating shelves casually displaying  black and white prints. To really achieve a polished look, think about you table’s decorative centerpiece and how it can draw from all the different styles within your design.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for Part I of this style guide, and while it’s a lot of information to take in, we hope you were inspired to create an eclectic space that’s all your own. Check out Part II for more eclectic styling ideas!