Get The Look: Classic

To achieve a “classic” styled look in your home it is super easy! The classic furniture and interior design style exudes many essences like timeless, functional, and comfortable. Our classic collection that we carry encapsulates the quintessential classicism style. We like to think of it as “casual elegance” that has traditional elements to it.  Our classic collection is defined by using materials like linens, antiqued woods, and metals.

When creating a classic styled space make sure to always keep it clean and uncluttered. Start by only using functional pieces in your space. Then you can slowly add your own home decor pieces to give your space unique touches. We have designed some living room, bedroom, and dining room spaces using our iQ Classic Collection in order to show you how to create the perfect timeless-classic design.

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English Arm Sofa

Poster Bed

Nailhead Sofa