I Need HELP! Decorating my Coffee Table!

Coffee tables are some of the best pieces of furniture you will ever buy. They not only provide a place to set your drinks and remotes but they also make great accent pieces! Decorating them may seem a little daunting, but given the right inspiration and instruction, its an easy task anyone can do!

Now, there are many many ways to decorate your piece depending on what your type of style is –But here are some tips and tricks to help you get started!

1). Use a tray as a way to hold your decorative pieces together. This keeps it tidy and gives the appearance that everything has a certain place to go.

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If you want something a little less typical, maybe try using a cut piece of wood or even a funky basket!

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2) Pull an accent color from the room and bring it down into the decor on the table.


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3)ย Feel free to keep it simple. Stacking a few books always looks really nice–but keep them in the same color pallet for that polished look. And if you can’t find books all in the same color–use our trick: Wrap them in matching fabric!


4) Add in some fun and eye catching greenery or flowers! Who doesn’t love that extra little pop of color ๐Ÿ™‚

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5) Get creative with your seasons or holidays!! Bring the spirit all the way down to the table!


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Now go off and create a beautiful master piece!