Inspire Q is Expanding with New Style Inspirations!

iNSPIRE Q is expanding its style inspiration! Be inspired by lifestyles from six  collections, including iQ Bold, iQ Modern, iQ Artisan, iQ Classic, iQ Oasis, and iQ Junior. We hope you’ll find the look that speaks to your personality and lifestyle. With six collections, combining pieces from across collections offers unlimited customization options and ideas. To get a preview of what’s to come, check out the style inspiration overviews below!

inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ BOLD

Popular, contemporary styles with an eclectic twist, the iQ Bold collection appeals to the free-spirited trend setter. 

683BS-30 + 683BS-04 + 683BS-05 _LS1_Feb 10 2017

E740BQ-3BK(3A) + E739BQ-1BD_LS1_Jan 18 2017


inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ CLASSICTimeless and inviting, the iQ Classic collection encompasses traditional and transitional styles. Our Mix and Match dining program offers over 1,000 style combinations to easily create a customized look.

E950-A(3A) + E950-3B(3A) + E950-3C(3A) + E950-3WL(3A) + E950-A(3A) + E950-2B(3A) + E950-2C(3A) + E950-2GWL(3A) + E950-A(3A) + E950-1(3A) + E950-1WL(3A)_LS1_Nov 10 2016

395BQSL-1AK[BED]SR _LS1_Mar 07 2017

530-78AK(MTL)+530-78BRD+530C4-RD(3A)+530C13-RD(3A)_LS1_Feb 09 2017

inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ ARTISANVintage-inspired and imbued with understated elegance, iQ Artisan collection emphasizes attention to luxurious materials and high style.

E940WF-3B 12C+ 5177-30(BEAUTYSHOT)_LS1Feb 01 2017


5438-96(MTL) + 5438S x 4 + 5438-40(MTL)_SM-5_Mar 10 2017

inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ OASISJust in time for the warm weather, the iQ Oasis collection will transform any outdoor space into a welcoming retreat with fresh, contemporary styles and colors.  

E031-80MC + E031-AMC + E902-AGF + E031-SMC + E902-AGF_LS1_Jul 17 2016

E031LS-LMC+E031C-RAMC + E902C-BUF + E031LS-RMC+E031C-RAMC + E902C-BUF + E031CE-MC + E902C-BUF + E031CR-MC + E902CR3-BUF + E011-30(3A) _LS1_May 12 2016

E014-14(3A)_LS1_Mar 27 2016

inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ MODERNRetro styles blend with contemporary elements to create iQ Modern, a collection that breathes new life into classic Mid Century designs.

E878CO-3A + E878CO-B + E878BRW-3C2 + 878CO-2A + E878CO-B + E878BRW-2C + E878CO-1A + E878CO-B + E878BRW-1C_LS1-SM-02PANO

1915NT-2 +1915NF-3 +1915NT-3SL_LS1-B_Mar 07 2017

512FO-60(3A) + 512FOS(3A)_LS1 (Topline Server's conflicted copy 2016-04-06)

inspireQ-logos-separate_IQ JUNIORLast but not least, the iQ Junior collection has playful styles full of variety, fun and color! 


E210BF-1WH(3A) + OK-5148H + E210B-4WH_Mar 11 2016_LS1

E730T-1(3A)+E210B-4WH(3A)+E210B-9GA(MTL)+E714A-WH(3A)+ 7215-BY_LS1