Soak Up Some Sun with the Perfect Patio

Summer sun and warm weather are just around the corner! So much awaits us. Bonfires. Barbeques. Ballgames. It is during this time of the year that some of the happiest memories are made. One of the best places to spend beautiful summer days is right in your very own backyard. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here with patio furniture ideas in 3 easy tips to help create the perfect outdoor space.

Small spaces are no problem with the right patio furniture

No patio is complete without some weather-ready furniture. However, our Design Team knows that a functional space can be hard to come by, especially in a smaller outdoor patio where every inch counts. Save yourself a future headache by planning out the best use of your space. iNSPIRE Q offers patio furniture that can stylishly serve your needs while accommodating the space you have!

Choose pieces that work for you from dawn to dusk, such as our 42” Wood Finish Outdoor Table. A cozy, space-conscious table like this offers the perfect relaxation spot to enjoy morning coffee or share meals with family. Or, if you are looking for some patio furniture ideas to help you kick back, one versatile option is our Aluminum Bench/Coffee Table with Red Cushion. This dual-use piece can create an additional seat around the dinner table or turn into a coffee table that you can rest your weary feet on after a long day.

Décor means more outdoors

Creating a unique and inviting outdoor gathering space is as easy as adding a personalized look and feel through outdoor décor. Accent pillows can provide you the opportunity to do just this. They add luxury, plush comfort, and make mixing and matching fun and easy. Pick out some of your favorite prints and patterns, like this gorgeous cotton throw pillow or the Montvale Moroccan Pattern Toss Kidney Pillow (Set of 2) from iNSPIRE Q Bold to personalize your patio sofas or dining chairs in your own unique way!

Using décor elements such as string lights allows you to add character and charm to your space in a minimalistic way. Hang twinkling globe lights to add an industrial, sophisticated flair to your terrace. By hanging lights over your patio furniture, your gatherings and hangouts can go on long after the sun has set. Create a warm and inviting space for your guests and family to enjoy– even on the cloudiest of nights.

iNSPIRE Q Comfortable Patio Furniture

Another one of our Design Team’s patio décor ideas includes using a lovely bar cart—like the Metropolitan Antique Brass Metal Mobile Bar Cat with Glass Top—as a creative and multifunctional way to store your belongings. With a mobile bar cart, the constant trips in and out of your home can finally come to an end. The possibilities are endless with a mobile bar cart. Use it as a makeshift drink station, to house glasses, liquors, spirits, or even some fresh lemonade. Or you can set up household (or, rather, outdoor) essentials like paper plates, utensils, matches for bonfires, and condiments for barbeques. You can even use your cart to arrange spare blankets for those cozy late nights under the stars.

iNSPIRE Q Comfortable Patio Furniture

Go big with bright colors and bold textures

The last of our patio furniture ideas can help you turn your backyard into a destination of your dreams. Decorating outdoors is enjoyable because you are surrounded by open-air, sunshine, moonlight, and beautiful nature. This is one of the best spots to go big– don’t be afraid to go bolder than in your house with pops of bright colors, and bold textures for an eye-catching entertainment space.

There are countless ways to do this! Place a radiant rug under your patio furniture for a soft texture and a splash of color. Experiment with bright-colored place settings dedicated to outdoor dining. And perhaps there is no greater opportunity to have some fun with more accent pillows!

iNSPIRE Q Comfortable Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture is an excellent way to deliver stylish texture to your outdoor space, like with our Mocha Wicker Patio End Table. Or try pairing our Mocha Wicker Patio Cushioned Dining Side Chair with Brown Cushion (Set of 2) with this round 48” Wood Finish Outdoor Table. Together, they unite fashion and function right in your backyard!

iNSPIRE Q Comfortable Patio Furniture

Whatever your style is, have fun with it. By allowing your inner style to shine like the sun, you will have successfully crafted your perfect patio space. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team is always here to help you create a happy home. Check out other posts on our blog for more tips and tricks for design inspiration!