Holiday Styling – Unexpected Inspirations

The holidays are quickly creeping up on us, and it is time yet again to wow friends and guests with a glamorous holiday table. Delicious food alone just does not a make a holiday anymore! Not to fear though, we are here with some fun, non-traditional tips to make your holiday soiree a festively fun gathering that everyone will be talking about until next year, when you will have to outdo yourself again.

To break from the same old overdone red and green or red and gold theme, we decided to go with a color palette that is luxe and fun, because that’s what the holidays really mean, right? So here we have it, folks – the purple and gold Christmas party! Purple has always been considered the color of royalty, so what better way to bring an upscale feel to your holiday table than with the color of kings?

Stunning, isn’t she? We thought so too.

Rule #1 of decorating a dining table (really, the only rule we follow for a dining table) is to vary the height of your objects. This creates a fun environment and gives your eye lots of things to look at. The trick to keeping it sophisticated? Keep a tight color palette. Again, we’ve gone with purple and gold here, with white as a base neutral. From the striped purple pillar candles to the purple cocktail napkins tucked in stemware to purple bud vases with holiday berries, there is lots of lush color to look at in all shapes and sizes.

Gold accents, like the napkin rings and hanging ornaments, reinforce our fun color palette, and add tons of texture. From cutouts to shine to glitter, this table has it all.

The best part about having a non-traditionally themed holiday party is that it’s much friendlier on your wallet. We’ve repurposed candle holders and serving ware from our every day collection, and jazzed them up with a few themed accents for the festivities. When the party’s over, those candle holders just pop back up on the mantel!

We’ve supplemented our purple and gold themed party with (of course) purple and gold goodies! Candy and other sweet treats are a great way to carry your color theme throughout your space without spending big bucks on actual decor you’ll have to keep! Here, we have some tasty chocolates with purple and gold wrappers, some white meringues for texture, and a lovely cake that we’ve topped with a Christmas bow for a festive touch. Since the holidays are all about indulging, it’s nice to get a sneak peak of your favorite course throughout the meal!

Below are some full shots of how our fully styled dining room turned out. With all the black an deep espresso furniture, the purple, gold, and white are a bright pop that really says “the holidays are here!”, don’t you think?

Be sure to come back next week, when we’ll show you some simple steps to styling a fantastic holiday barcart!