We ♥ Guest Stylist – South Shore Decorating

01_LS1_SM4 (2)In case you’d like to be sprinkled with exceptional design inspiration today, Inspire Q has teamed up with South Shore Decorating’s President and expert, Stacy Curran, as our guest stylist of the week to bring to you this sleek and sophisticated modern master bedroom in our latest blog post.

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1)Solivita Bed 2)Escanaba Accent Table 3) Genoa Table 4) Silver Mist Chandelier 5) Quinn Table Lamp 6) Lyndale Desk 7) Sasha Chairs 8) Canali Accent Chair 9) Uptown Loveseat 10) Ainslie Divider 11) Olympia Mirror 12) Octagon Mirror

Already adoring what you see? Grab Stacy’s very own fine picks by Inspire Q, so you can conveniently re-create this Gray and Navy master bedroom design scheme in your own space. Appease your inclinations and choose one item, or select them all (we won’t stop you), to put together a similar display of authentically planned and placed pieces.INSPIRATION BOARD_LS1_SM4Creating your own bedroom look does not have to be a demanding process—even for the most reluctant beginners. As a matter of fact, the intrinsic designer within you may thank you for the chance to freely devise. It’s great to ignite your inner home décor spirit by thinking of your endeavor as curated, rather than a commercial replica.

Gray walls and furniture delicately frame this Navy infused area. Getting crafty with color blocking is one way to play with open space, using every inch of the room to hatch an animated environment. A large rug on the floor, situated end tables, hanging chandeliers—you get the picture.

Chair seating-01Sunlight helps naturally fill the room, reminding you of why you appreciate having your own space in the first place. Having your own design is not about an all-or-nothing approach. If you could not fit every piece you loved (and really, who could with so many enticing options?), be proud of those teetering on vintage decorations you kindly received for your birthday years ago and aim make it yours.   06_LS1_SM4With this fresh inventiveness at hand, we thank the talented Stacy for joining us this week in bringing an up-to-date master bedroom for our readers to enjoy and benefit from! It’s not too late to update your look and add some more Navy to your life. With the right choices, tasteful décor can be harmoniously pulled off. Starting tonight click over to our Facebook to enter and possibly win 1 of any of the Inspire Q product featured in this room!