A Behind the Scenes Look at Our NEW Showroom

With over 2500 sq. ft., our showroom was no easy feat to renovate. Our team, though, completed this overhaul in just one month! We wanted to showcase each of our iNSPIRE Q sub-brands in its own section of the showroom. We started off with, of course, many blueprints, floor plans, and sketches before we began the repainting process and arranging all the furniture and decor in the space.

Once the entire space was cleared of the previous showroom items, we repainted, cleaned, and added walls. Our designers pulled our latest and best-selling furniture items and home decor pieces to showcase on the floor. Kiosks were placed along each room with our design engines. The design engine allows each room to be virtually transformed. You can swap furniture in and out in order to visualize just the right fabric color to style your furniture.

On this end of the showroom we put our custom made design engine. Our team created a virtual reality system for our customers. We wanted our furniture buyers to be able to mix and match furniture to see what option bests matches their particular style. With our design engine you are able to visualize the future of furniture shopping right before your eyes.

Our team is made up of A LOT of talented individuals. And the above wood cut-out of our logo is the prime example of that. One of our photographers does amazing woodwork and he handcrafted the “iNSPIRE Q” logo to be a focal point in our showroom. Talk about custom made!

From woodworking to videography, and designing the space, let’s just say A LOT went into creating this showroom. While it may have been a lot of work and time, the iNSPIRE Q team had fun working together and creating the beautiful space!


See how our Design Engine works: