A Behind the Scenes Look at Our NEW Showroom

This image shows a sign marking the construction of our new showroom. The sign reads: Restricted Area, Construction Work in Progress.

With over 2500 sq. ft., it was no easy feat to renovate our new showroom. Our team, however, completed this overhaul in just one month! We wanted to showcase each of our iNSPIRE Q sub-brands in its own section of the showroom. We started off with, of course, many blueprints, floor plans, and sketches before we began the repainting process and arranging all the furniture and décor in the space.

This image shows our showroom under construction. The same is fairly open, with a few walls going up to start breaking up the space into sections. Some pieces of furniture are being added to the background including a bookcase, a dining table, and some end tables.

Once we cleared the entire space of the previous showroom items, we repainted, cleaned, and added walls. Our designers then pulled our latest and best-selling furniture items and home décor pieces to showcase on the floor. Kiosks were placed along each room with our design engines. The design engine allows each room to be virtually transformed. You can swap furniture in and out in order to visualize just the right fabric color to style your furniture.

This image shows more furniture being added to our new showroom. This image focuses specifically on several dining sets from our iQ Classic collection. All the dining tables and chairs are made from wood but the sets have different shapes and colors for the pieces to show the variety and customization options.
This image looks down at our showroom from up above. Here we see more of our dining sets, especially the true sizes of the dining tables. Other pieces of furniture are added to the background, including a server, some accent chairs, more dining sets, and some bedroom sets.
This image shows the completion of our new showroom. It views the room from the entrance but does not capture it in its entirety. We see our iQ Artisan Collection, with several different sofas, loveseats, accent chairs, sectionals, bookcases, and living room tables. In the foreground is the iNSPIRE Q Design Engine kiosk, booted up and ready for use.

On this end of the showroom, we placed our custom-made Design Engine. Our team created a virtual reality system for our customers. We wanted our furniture buyers to be able to mix and match furniture to see what option bests matches their particular style. With our Design Engine, you’re able to visualize the future of furniture shopping right before your eyes.

This is another view of our new showroom, this time displaying in the foreground the iQ Classic collection and iQ Artisan collection in the background. For the iQ Classic section, there are 3 dining sets displayed, each a different size with different designs and colors. For the iQ Artisan section, we can see some tufted headboards on the walls, a round tufted ottoman, some tufted accent chairs, and another dining set.
This image is another angle of our iQ Artisan section with a beige linen U-shaped sectional sofa as the centerpiece. In the background are two dining sets from the iQ Artisan collection, as well as some bookcases, console tables, and accent chairs. Hanging on the wall in the background is a poster listing some key pieces of the Artisan Collection.
This image shows two sections in one of our new showroom, separated by a wall. The left section shows some of the iQ Classic dining tables and chairs. The right section shows a bedroom with a wood panel bed, a dresser with a mirror, a bookcase, a 3-drawer nightstand, and a button tufted bench.
This image depicts a custom-made wooden sign of the iNSPIRE Q logo. The sign is not yet hung up, but sits on a table with one of our team members in the background.

Our team consists of A LOT of talented individuals. And the above wood cut-out of our logo is the prime example of that. One of our photographers does amazing woodwork and he handcrafted the “iNSPIRE Q” logo to be a focal point in our showroom. Talk about custom made!

Pictured here is our videographer with his camera set up in our new showroom. In the background is the iQ Artisan Collection section.
Pictured here is another member of the iQ Design Team working with an electric saw as part of the construction process for our new showroom.

From woodworking to videography, and designing the space, let’s just say A LOT went into creating this showroom. While it may have been a lot of work and time, the iNSPIRE Q team had fun working together and creating the beautiful space!

Pictured here is one of our set designers sifting through various fabrics hanging.
In this image is two members of the iQ Design Team, a man and a woman, working on an iNSPIRE Q poster spread out on a table to eventually hang in our new showroom.

See how our Design Engine works:

See the full showroom in action here!

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