Focused and Happy: Designing Your Kids’ Space

As summer comes to a close and the school year draws near, now is the time to refresh the kids’ space. Perhaps your child insists upon recreating their favorite movie or showcasing their favorite TV characters. How ever they want to decorate their bedroom, you can provide them with the essentials. No matter what this school year may bring, make sure you’re prepared for all of it. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here to deliver 3 basic kids’ bedroom ideas that will keep your kids focused and happy this school year!

1. Work Hard: A Space for Productivity

One of the best ways to keep kids focused at home is to create a space dedicated to just that. It’s among the simplest of kids’ bedroom ideas, but clearly dividing space between work and play is easy and effective. Even if you are tight on space in your home, all you really need is a desk and a chair!

The first of our ideas is to pick out a desk. Here is a two-drawer, X-shaped base desk that comes in a variety of different colors, from neutrals to brights.
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Desks with drawers built into them offer space-saving solutions and they keep your child’s schoolwork in one convenient place. Drawers also open up the surface of the desk so your little one has plenty of room to spread out.

Another piece of furniture in our kids bedroom ideas is a plush chair to put at their desk. These chairs are not only super soft and cozy, but also display your child's favorite animal on the backrest.
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Plush chairs are great to pair with desks because they keep kids from getting uncomfortable or restless as they do homework. Plus, there is a plethora of fun and cozy desk chairs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something even the pickiest of children will love!

2. Play Hard: A Space for Relaxation

Now it’s time for the other half of your kids’ space! Kids cannot stay happy or focused if they do not have the time to relax. Building a space dedicated to just that is as equally important as having a workspace. Picking out specific pieces of furniture dedicated to leisure time helps define and anchor the dedicated space.

One of our kids bedroom ideas is to use a daybed. A daybed, like this brown metal one, is versatile, as it can be used as a sofa or as a bed. This one pictured also has a trundle bed underneath, great for overnight guests.
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While it may be one of the more unexpected features among kids’ bedroom ideas, daybeds are a great, multi-functional option. Daybeds are especially great for small spaces because they can double as a sofa and as a bed. Some also come with trundles underneath, perfect for sleepovers!

3. Organization Ties it All Together!

These kids’ bedroom ideas may sound easy enough, but finding balance between relaxation and productivity can be easier said than done. Organizing your child’s room and space plays a huge role in dividing work and play.

Like mentioned before, desks with built-in drawers help keep tools for schoolwork in one convenient place. Offering some form of a toybox can do the same for your child, since their toys can easily end up scattered throughout your home. And thankfully, there are plenty of different ways to go about this!

For the last one of our kids bedroom ideas, we have is to get a toybox of sorts for your child. In this picture, we have a white, lift-top storage bench. The seat of the bench can be lifted to reveal an interior compartment, perfect for discreetly storing your child's toys.
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Concealed storage options, like a storage bench, make wonderful multipurpose pieces because not only do they keep the toys out of sight (and out of mind!), but they can also double as extra surfaces, which are convenient for small spaces. They can be used as extra seats or even simply a spot to pull on socks and shoes.

Open storage bins are one of the most versatile pieces of our kids bedroom ideas. These open storage bins are stackable, come in your choice of color, and come in your choice of size. Choose from one, two, or three boxes. This picture displays our snowy white option, and  shows them stacked in a pyramid shape with one box on top, two boxes in the middle, and three at the base.
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However, open storage bins make great space-saving choices as well. Many open storage options are stackable, and they don’t have to be limited to just stowing away toys! These options give easy access to all your child’s belongings, making them a great place to store everyday items.

Every child has their own wants and needs, which is what makes them unique, but can also pose as a challenge when designing their spaces. This can be especially difficult now as the need to prepare your child for the upcoming school year arises. Thankfully, these 3 kids’ bedroom ideas from the iNSPIRE Q Design Team provide you with the basics that help your child stay happy and focused, no matter what this school year may bring.

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