Get the Look: Timeless and Inviting

In order to create a truly timeless design that commands your interior space for years to come, go with a classic-styled space. Not only does the classic style create a lasting experience, but a comfortable and inviting interior as well. We created a well-proportioned room ensuring the furniture is scaled to the room. Clean lines and colors in the sofa are a timeless look. Staying with neutral tones is best. We hope you love the look! Let us know what you think.

This is a closeup view of our classic-styled space. There is a plush, white fabric sofa with neutral grey throw pillows decorating it. In front of the sofa is a brown wood rectangular coffee table with some rustic pieces of décor. These neutral pieces blend well with the white walls and brown hardwood floors.
This shows the classic-styled space before it was fully furnished. It shows the brown hardwood floors, some of which are covered with a couple of greige rugs. Up against the white walls is a media set that includes two brown wood and metal bookcases and a matching sofa table.
This image is a wider view of the furnishings in our classic-styled space. There is a plush, white fabric upholstered sectional sofa, a matching accent chair, a brown wood coffee table, and two matching end tables. The light, neutral color scheme takes rustic cues that is sure to withstand the test of time.
Another view of the white fabric upholstered sectional sofa. There are a variety of throw pillows on the sofa, all of various shades of orange and brown. These tones pair well with the natural wood grain finish of the coffee table, end table, and bookcases creating a warm atmosphere.
Another angle of the classic-styled space. The white fabric sectional sofa has its previous throw pillows of various shades of grey, white, and yellow.
This last view of our classic-styled space has a different sofa. In the heart of the room is a U-shaped sectional sofa upholstered in white fabric. With a bigger, plusher sofa, there is more room for more throw pillows, so there are plenty of brown and orange pillows to go around. In the center of the U-shape is the rectangular wood coffee table.

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