How to Style a Sofa


Your sofa is a blank canvas, until you dress it up. Without the added touches a sofa can fall flat. No matter how beautiful the furniture piece is, it needs added styling. Think of your sofa like yourself before you dress up in an outfit. Clothes really enhance or diminish your look. The same goes for your sofa. The sofa needs to be dressed and styled. The key to styling your sofa is simply adding accent pillows, a throw blanket, or both! Depending on the look you are going for in your space, an accent pillow can be the deciding factor for the mood or style of the room. Changing up accent pillows or a throw are also very inexpensive ways to change the look of your room. iNSPIRE Q will show you three simple steps on how to style your sofa. We promise it is easy if you follow the fundamentals!

1. Balance

Always create balance with your accent pillows. If you have two pillows on one side of your sofa balance the other side with two pillows. It looks better when there is an equal amount on both sides.



2. Layering

You always layer your accent pillows or blankets. The pillows don’t lay side by side. You layer one on top of another. It looks best when you have a solid pattern with a textured one. It is good to mix and match in order to add interest to your sofa.



3. Size

It is important to not have too many pillows or throws. You don’t want your sofa covered up completely. The ratio should feel balanced. When choosing throw pillows it is good to have varying sizes to add dimension. It is not necessary to have different sizes, they can be uniform if that is the style you are going for. The accent pillows and throws are the added “dressings” to the sofa it should enhance the sofa, not over power it.



From Our Designer

Accent pillows add immediate personality to a room since they’re up-close and personal. A room can be transformed seasonally with just new accent pillows, adding new color and touchable comfort. Establish your foundation pieces, then experiment with pillows!