May Show Commercial: A Behind the Scenes Look

MAY SHOW_SM-MOOD BOARD-01_P2_Mar 21 2017

Behind the Scenes, May Show Commercial: Day 1

Our May 2017 Show is coming up, and this time around, we’re taking a few risks and doing things a little differently. As Inspire Q grows and evolves, we’re realizing that keeping up can take us down some new paths! In preparation for the show, we’ve decided to shoot a commercial that demonstrates not only our beautiful pieces, but our dedication to innovation and creative thinking!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at this high energy, slightly chaotic, yet totally exciting project! We don’t want to give away too much until the final product is ready to be revealed. However, we hope you enjoy an insider look at our process as much as we enjoyed pulling it off!

0K2A9189Mar 16 2017

Long before shoot began, it was all about building the set! Our team, awaiting the film crew was hard at work—nonstop.

0K2A9200Mar 16 2017

0K2A9212Mar 16 2017

Builders were building. Our photography and videographers were prepping lights and helping with the set. Our designers were busy hand selecting the pieces featured in the shoot. Not to mention all the accessories!

0K2A9415Mar 17 2017

0K2A9188Mar 16 2017

And then came the filming equipment…and there was quite a bit!

0K2A9193Mar 16 2017

If we were going to be ready for the film crew, every detail needed to be ready and perfect.

0K2A9433Mar 17 2017

It looks so simple on paper. But, we did it, and on time too!