How to Mix Textures Like a Pro

Just like in the fashion world, interior spaces work similar when mixing and matching textures in your space. Too many textures and the space is a busy eye sore. Not enough texture, and the space is bare and boring. Getting the right amount of textures in a space is easy and iNSPIRE Q is going to give you 3 simple tips on how to mix textures like our designers do!

A corner of a living space that shows how to mix textures. On the left side is a grey finish campaign writing desk and a clear acrylic chair. On the right side is a round glass top dining table with a chrome metal base. Paired with the dining table are two keyhole dining chairs upholstered in tawny port red linen.

1. Play with light and dark colors

Contrasting patterns and colors make for a bold statement and creates a stunning, eye-catching design.

A kid's bed with a bright red wood panel headboard. The bed is dressed with a grey, black, and red plaid print blanket and pillows. There are also bright red accent pillows with a Moroccan print.
A classical-themed bedroom. The poster bed has a wood frame with a cream fabric upholstered headboard. The bed is dressed with blue and white bedding, as well as a plaid brown throw blanket. There is a brown wood nightstand with various pieces of décor on it. At the foot of the bed is an ottoman with a wood base and green striped fabric upholstery. Off to the side is a brown fabric upholstered wingback parsons chair with a silver nailhead trim. The room also has various greenery throughout.

2. Balance a solid texture against a pattered texture

Whenever there is a busy pattern be sure to always contrast it against a solid color to separate textures.

This one way of how to mix textures is similar to the kids bed previously shown. A bed has a white wood panel headboard and grey, white, and yellow bedding. There are various patterns on the bedding, but what stands out most is the yellow Moroccan-print accent pillows set against grey sheets.

3. Make sure your texture is scaled

Making sure that your patterns and textures are different sizes is important they shouldn’t be the same size

Another bedroom displaying how to mix textures. The bedroom features a canopy bed with a champagne gold metal frame and black button tufted upholstered headboard. The bed is dressed with mostly white bedding, but pops of color come from multicolored blankets, pillows, and a black accent pillow. There is a mirrored 1-drawer nightstand decorated with various pieces of décor. Against the adjacent wall is a matching mirrored 1-drawer writing desk with a clear acrylic chair.

And just like that, you can mix your textures just like a pro!

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