How to Mix Textures Like a Pro

Just like in the fashion world, interior spaces work similar when mixing and matching textures in your space. Too many textures and the space is a busy eye sore. Not enough texture, and the space is bare and boring. Getting the right amount of textures in a space is easy and iNSPIRE Q is going to give you three simple tips on how to mix textures like our designers do!


Play with light and dark colors

Contrasting patterns and colors make for a bold statement and creates a stunning eye-catching design.



Balance a solid texture against a pattered texture

Whenever there is a busy pattern be sure to always contrast it against a solid color to separate textures.



Make sure your texture is scaled

Making sure that your patterns and textures are different sizes is important they shouldn’t be the same size


And just like that you can mix your textures just like our designers! For more tips and inspiration visit our Pinterest!