Summer Forecast – Seaside Makeover


How often do you get an idea, but never fully follow through because you aren’t sure you will be able to execute it in complete? We’re here to help you go from sort of having a design idea, to committing to a solid room transformation, with this before-and-after Seaside bedroom makeover.

Centered is a timeless metal bed detailed with spindles and casted touches, distinguishing the area by way of a nautical essence. In the finished product, pieces of art, and other artistic hints, breeze through the setting to give utterance that this spot is schemed with ambition.

e411bq-1ga3a-e296-12s3a-e546c-bul3a-lj_120455-lj-213392-ls2-sm41In this before-image, you’ll see a nicely decorated location with the Neutral and Blue color palette of the Seaside makeover, which is common among Seaside themed places. It also includes wall art—a good starting point to a fully-fledged Seaside trend bedroom. Everyone needs change as they go with the tide, and switching a few elements in the room can upgrade from so-so to a coastal paradise. Follow through the design tips to cruise along in the creatively arranging process.



Unfortunately not everything that looks nice can fit your theme or trend, but the good news is– everything that fits your theme can look nice! Pay close attention to what you have on display, especially if you have larger shelves taking up a lot of visual space. The items on your shelves are narrators of your room’s design story. If you’re committed to a Seaside trend, then you’ll need to sacrifice a few potted plants for artifacts that actually represent what you might find at a beach. So, go and turn that candle from a light to a lighthouse as long as it is consistent with the visual appeal of the room.

e411bq-1ga3a_ls2-sm4-e1433177914710Thinking Outside the Box

Decided that you are fully committed to the Seaside trend? Great. Now you’re ready to think outside the box. Seen here with bedside accessories, being fully committed to your theme means being ready to live in your creation. To realistically feel close to Seaside, over-the-top accessories like mesh draped over a headboard, and changing from a typical playing-it-safe nightstand, to authentically appearing crates, might not be so over-the-top once you realize the impact they will have on the room. True to trend accessories advance the décor from run-of-the-mill or uninspired to gutsy and confident.


After making the tactical design decisions, as demonstrated in this makeover, you and your guests will be able to appreciate a genuinely themed Seaside bedroom space. Going from decorated, to thoroughly planned, will make a scheme come to fruition for an atmosphere to be enjoyed. Simple pieces have the opportunity to be bold when combined to fit an overall notion. Having certain textures throughout the area, for example, materialize into an understated seafaring scene. Time to set sail to your decor determination and then relax awhile (we know you were eyeing the refreshments on the left).