A Hoppin’ Good Easter

There’s nothing better than sitting out in the sun eating a delicious Easter meal with your family and friends. Sounds like a perfect plan, huh? But wait! You look around and realize your outdoor furniture is not decorated for this special occasion!  Well don’t you worry. That’s where we come in.

Here we have our woven outdoor dining set on the back porch. We wanted a colorful and spirited seating area that people of all ages could enjoy.


Take a look at what we added: Flowers, bunnies, and Easter eggs. Also notice the colors- we have a lot. But keep in mind that we used a lot of softer, “spring timey” colors that people expect to see together. This means that although usually having blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange together may be too much, it actually works out quite well.


Here’s a view of all of those elements working together–Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns to get that vibrant look!


Add the textures, patterns, and colors to each place setting with little bowls of candy to welcome each guest as they take a seat.


Speaking of candy…Not only yummy but also really cute to decorate with!


Continue the bright colors and prints from your table over to the seats by adding eye-catching pillows!


So have fun this year! Mix and match your colors, patterns, and Easter designs to get those perfectly memorable decorations.

Hoppy Easter All! And until next time,