Decorating in Glam: Bedroom


Glam began in old Hollywood with grand interior design for the rich and famous. Otherwise known as Hollywood Regency, the style blended glitz and glamour with elegance and refinement. Historically inspired pieces like antique, European furniture were combined with golds, silvers, mirrors, lush fabrics and vivid colors to create a look of understated grandeur. As the style evolved, Mid Century elements from the 50s and 60s were filtered in, allowing glam to encompass sleek, simple, and modern touches. Today, glam fuses aspects from bygone eras with the simplicity and comfort of modern living for a functional and livable style. Despite its roots in opulent splendor, the key to decorating in glam is to keep it from going over-the-top. It’s about elegance, not necessarily extravagance.


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In Part I, we’ll show you how to put together a beautiful glam bedroom! You might initially think that glam is too feminine for an adult room. While it can be a lovely choice for a girl’s room or dorm, glam is definitely all grown-up! With a little refinement, you can create a luxurious master retreat. The trick to go with a limited color palette. Choose ice blue, champagne, or chic charcoal for a high-end hotel look. Reflective materials are a hallmark of the style, but combine them with simple, clean cut lines for a subtly sumptuous feel.

champagne gold bedMake your bed the centerpiece of the room with shimmering canopy bed frame. It’s eye-catching, but the uncomplicated design and reflective surface help it to blend with the rest of the room without drawing too much attention. You can add the dominant accent hue to your bedding, but choosing neutral tones will create that understated elegance. Don’t be afraid to mix in patterns and glossy fabrics for texture! Bedding is also a great way to customize your look–go vintage or Mid Century depending on your taste.



Mirrored accent furniture extends the glamour of the entire space, completes the entire glam look, and has a timeless air. The mirrored surface will pick up its surrounding colors beautifully, whether your palette is cool or warm. Try pairing a mirrored desk with something out of the ordinary, like a polycarbonate chair. If a desk isn’t in your design plan, a mirrored nightstand or two might be just the thing!

Lastly, accessorize! Accessories can say a lot about your overall design, and it’s easy to emphasize your dominate color scheme by choosing decorative boxes or wall art that is monochromatic. In the first bedroom pictured, a range of shades are included, from the painting’s navy blue to the headboard’s sky blue. This will keep the color scheme from looking too perfect, but be careful not to let the dominant color become overwhelming. Using it sparingly as an accent in an otherwise neutral space will make it feel very active without much effort.