Eclectic Styling: Part II


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Welcome to Part II of Eclectic Styling! Here, we’ll finish up our discussion of the essential elements that make up a beautiful eclectic look, and how to bring your personal touch to a design. Let’s dive right in.

Accessories and Accent Pieces


If you’ve got your eye on  a funky piece or have one waiting to be put in the perfect room, then feel free to use it! The key is to not have too many of these conversational pieces, or your space will be pulled in too many directions. A cow print accent chair is a great interest point, and can be styled to match modern, industrial spaces, or rustic and vintage designs. A re-purposed coffee table using unexpected materials, a unique work of art, or a colorful handwoven rug could fit the bill.


When considering accessories, an eclectic style can handle a good number of decorative objects on display, but there should be method to your madness! You don’t want to make your space feel cluttered, so you should be choosy about which items make the final cut. Try to stick within your color scheme, and when grouping objects on shelves or end tables, remember to vary them in height. A pyramid composition always works best. To arrange this, place the tallest objects in the center and add short and medium items on either side. Odd numbers are usually more pleasing to the eye, so group things in threes or fives.

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Urban Eclectic Bedroom

At it’s core, an eclectic style is highly customized and based in personal expression. Your bedroom is a great place for your individuality to come through, and you don’t have to worry about the style being neutral enough for the higher traffic placed in your home. In the bedroom pictured above, a contemporary look is fused with an urban industrial feel. A paisley print comforter adds some color and pattern to the light and bright space while throw pillows in various solids, strips, knits and other fabrics work to create the effortless eclectic look. Instead of a nightstand, wooden crates are stacked atop each other. This is an unexpected yet totally chic way to add interest and depth to your design. Details like the industrial spotlight lamp, gray-scale architectural photo and black step stool emphasize an urban-loft inspiration.

In Summation

If you’re set on an eclectic design for your home, you have a lot of freedom and many options. Don’t let this become overwhelming, because being able to express yourself in such a unique way is a beautiful thing. Remember to only choose pieces that you completely love and try not to be pulled in to many directions at once. The eclectic style isn’t the easiest to execute, but if done right, the results are stunning, engaging and reflective of your individuality.