Behind the Scenes: iQ Artisan Collection

iNSPIRE Q is working on a very special video project! We are creating a video that summarizes every aspect of our iQ Artisan Collection! We want to demonstrate what truly defines our Artisan collection and highlight the furniture features.

You have an exclusive sneak peek below. Our studio production team created this stunning video and offers you close-up shots of the quintessential iQ Artisan collection furniture pieces. The full video will be released on our website in a couple of months. We just can’t wait to show you!

For the video, we began with a storyboard draft of our ideas. This storyboard eventually evolved into a stunning video with lots of hands on deck from the iNSPIRE Q team. We drafted many sketches of our furniture pieces illustrating the way our products are crafted. The behind-the-scenes of our hand-crafted pieces showcase the hard work of all those involved.

After drafting the sketches, we constructed four different complete rooms in our studio with most of our Artisan pieces. These pieces highlight our features like nailhead detailing, tufting, and warm taupe linen colors.  Scroll down to see more of our Artisan collection pieces in the room!