Ideas For the Perfect Kids and Teen Bedroom

We are excited to show you our favorite teen and kid inspired bedrooms from our designers. At iNSPIRE Q, we are truly inspired (yes, we really do live by that word!) by color! Our iQ Junior collection features traditional and modern furniture designs with fun splashes of color options.

Each and everyone one of these kids and teen bedroom ideas pulls fun splashes of color to add a pop of life to the space. After all, when else can you have playful colors in your room then when you are young? Our collection is perfect for having a vibrant, enjoyable space for you to go to sleep every night!

Now it’s time to see these bedrooms!

This image features the first of our kids and teen bedroom ideas. It shows a white bed with a slatted headboard. The bed is dressed with green, blue, white, and grey bedding. The sheets and a pillow have a plaid-style print with these colors. Other pillows are solid green, blue, and white. Next to the bed is a mirrored 3-drawer nightstand.
Another one of our kids and teen bedroom ideas features this wood panel bed that comes in a sunny yellow finish. The bedding is primarily blue, with white, grey, red, and green accents. The look is lively and playful. The two nightstands are mirrored and have 3 drawers to enhance the bright colors of the bed.
Our daybeds are perfect for all kids and teen bedroom ideas, and this image proves it! Here we have a dark grey linen upholstered daybed with flared arms. There is a trundle bed tucked underneath it. The twin mattress has blue striped sheets, blue pillows, and a few orange and red pillows as well. A small wooden end table has brass-colored pieces of décor while the rest of the room is decorated with blue paintings and a blue rug.
This image is another one of our wood panel beds, but this time it is in a samba red finish. The bedding features grey sheets with a multicolored blanket that includes white, grey, and red. There is also a rich red throw blanket and grey and white pillows. Beside the bed is a white wood nightstand, allowing the colors of the bed to truly pop.
The last of our kids and teen bedroom ideas showcases a bunk bed. This wood slat bunkbed is in a black finish and features white sheets with foxes printed on them. There are also black and white blankets and pillows, which corresponds with the black and white wall art. Beside the bed are five of our Modular Stacking Storage Bins. The bottom three are in a black finish while the top two are in a grey finish. These bins are filled with extra books, blankets, pillows, and even hats, all correlating with the neutral color scheme of black, white, and grey.

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