Creating a Black and White Dining Space

Looking for new ways to wow your dinner guests? Look no further! Consider this iNSPIRE Q Design Tip: Black and White Dining. This bold look keeps things simple, clean, and classy, and can be done in virtually any home without breaking the bank! Using a black and white color palette instantly adds sophistication to any space, as the two colors offer eye-catching contrast all throughout the room without overwhelming the senses. Here are our 4 interior design tips to help you create the perfect black and white dining aesthetic.

Anchor the space with a black and white accent wall.

A black and white accent wall gives your room focus. A focal point is crucial for any design. Choosing to have a black and white accent wall can provide the perfect backdrop for your dining room. We especially like this idea because the black carries the weight while the white board and batten lightens it up.

One of the simplest things you can do for this aesthetic is to make an accent wall. Here, we  chose to have black paint on the upper part of the wall while the bottom board and batten is painted white.

Mix in natural elements with your décor.

Wood is one of the best materials to work with when it comes to a black and white dining aesthetic! Wood tones offset the drama of black and white without taking away from the look you are trying to achieve. Even just using a dining table with an exposed wood look can do the job!

We chose to use a large, rectangular, reclaimed wood dining table to anchor our black and white dining space. We paired black chairs with this table to keep with the black and white theme.

We also suggest using doses of greenery to add some natural color to your space. Greenery adds a certain liveliness to the space; it keeps the black and white from making the atmosphere too stuffy.

Some of our favorite pieces of decor are plants! Having greenery adds a pop of natural color that is both refreshing and complements the monochrome aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to use black and white décor.

While it is sometimes easy to get carried away with décor, we encourage you to work this color palette as you style your space! Pairing black and white décor around our space keeps the theme simple and consistent. Black and white patterned decor gives the room texture and is a great way to add interest to a room. Using this technique replaces the need for an accent color, while keeping the amount of décor to a minimum keeps the design clean.

You can experiment a lot with textures in your dining space, and we recommend choosing textured decor to enhance your aesthetic. In this picture, we have a black leather-cushioned bench paired with two black and white textured throw pillows.

Experiment with gold accents.

Our final black and white dining tip is all about playing with a third color! Splashes of gold keeps the bold contrast in check. Gold accents are a great, neutral way to break up this monochromatic color scheme. Of course, making sure to only use splashes of gold here and there to keep the black and white contrast in focus for your dining space.

Gold accents can come from anywhere. Here, we have gold on our candle holders, drawer pulls, ceiling lights, and little details in the table runner and wall decor.

And voila! These 4 black and white dining design tips are all you need to update the look of your dining space. This is a great aesthetic to have for your home because it adds bold visual interest and is easy to achieve!

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