Back-to-School Tips for Parents

With kids heading back to school, you might be feeling that you, as a parent, are already struggling to keep up with it. So much preparation is needed for the kids—getting new clothes, school supplies, etc.—that sometimes you forget to get the tools that you need. Before you know it, your morning routine is messy and rushed.

Thankfully, the iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here to help you stay organized! We are here with 3 simple back-to-school tips for parents; all designed to set up your home in a way that is smart, convenient, and functional.

Make a grab-and-go station

Morning rushes are inevitable, especially when our routines become disrupted by oversleeping or being unable to find what you need. More often than not, parents and kids alike may opt to skip out on breakfast. To avoid this, our first back-to-school tip for parents is to establish a grab-and-go station in your kitchen.

Our first back-to-school tip for parents centers on organizing your kitchen. This is our Tali Reclaimed Wood Extendable Kitchen Island by iNSPIRE Q Classic. It features a concrete surface with a wooden, oak-finished base, as well as an extendable table on the side.

Kitchen islands are perfect for this. With all the drawers and cabinets offered, you can set up a station where both you and your kids can grab breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Kitchen islands also make great coffee stations for parents!

  • If you want to see these kitchen islands in action for yourself, then be sure to watch this video from our YouTube channel.
Not everyone has room for a kitchen island in their home, so dining sets like our Beck Counter Height 3-Piece Dining Set with USB Charging Station by iNSPIRE Q Classic is perfect for those tight spaces. This one pictured has a two-tone finish, with a dark cherry table top and distressed white finish on the table's base and the chair frames.

If you’re tight on space, consider a dinette set. Sets like this one can come equipped with shelves and charging stations. Not only can it be your grab-and-go station, but can also serve as a workstation for e-learning or working from home too!

Extend organization all the way to your front door

The entryway can easily become one of the most chaotic spaces in your home as kids and parents scramble to get out the door. And since this is a space we’re constantly moving in and out of, we don’t often think about the kind of setup it has or should have. However, staying organized in this essential space is key to having a stress-free morning routine.

The second of our three back-to-school tips for parents involves rethinking the entryway. This is our Duke Matte Black Finish Metal Coat Rack with Ladder Shelf by iNSPIRE Q Modern. It comes with four coat hooks and five shelves.

Hall trees provide amazing space-saving solutions for your entryway. Use the hooks to hang backpacks and coats. The shelves can store shoes and outdoor accessories. You can even dedicate a hook and/or shelf to a member of your family. With this, everyone always has everything they need as you’re all bustling out the door.

If you have the space, or hall trees are not your cup of tea, then try using a console table in your entryway! This is our Nelson Industrial Modern Rustic Console Sofa Table TV Stand by iNSPIRE Q Classic. It has three shelves, two of which featuring a weathered wood finish while the bottom shelf matches the metal frame.

If you have the space, also consider investing in a console table. While hall trees host our big items, console tables are great for the smaller ones—keys, hats, gloves, scarves, wallets, etc.

Showcase accomplishments

Our final back-to-school tip for parents steps away from morning routines; rather it’s for nightly ones! With the school year back in full swing, the days can grow hectic and chaotic for everyone. Staying organized is certainly helpful, but acknowledging our accomplishments is equally important.

Kids work hard and accomplish a lot of great things throughout the school year. These achievements typically earn a spot on the refrigerator, but that can quickly become overcrowded. Why not create a space dedicated to celebrating achievements? And there is no better piece than an open bookcase!

The third and final back-to-school tip for parents is about creating a space to display your child's accomplishments. This is our Myra Vintage Industrial Modern Rustic 40-inch Bookcase by iNSPIRE Q Classic. Four wide shelves are available and come in a grey or bistre brown finish.

We often limit bookcases to their namesake: books. But bookcases with an airy design draw attention to the items placed there. What better place to display your kids’ achievements? The vertical design saves floor space while providing plenty of room for trophies, medals, dioramas, and framed photos. You could even frame report cards and collect them in the picture frame for every year!  

The school year is here and as we prepare our kids for it, we, as parents, also have to give ourselves the right tools to stay on top of everything. But with the right home setup, it can be done! The iNSPIRE Q Design Team recommends these 3 simple back-to-school tips for parents. Now mornings can be easy as we prepare for the day ahead of us while evenings can be spent celebrating all that we’ve accomplished.

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