Space-Saving Solutions for Dorms and Apartments

Let’s face it. The kids can’t live at home forever. We all get to a certain age and the time comes to move out. Whether it’s into college dorms or the first apartment, being out on your own for the first time can be an exciting yet daunting experience for parents and children alike.

Moving out and living on your own for the first time usually warrants new furniture. This can be challenging because they’ll need furniture that is renter-friendly yet will also last for more than one year; furniture that expresses unique style without breaking the bank. And, chances are, this first place will have limited space. And that’s okay! The iNSPIRE Q Design Team has found 4 small space furniture pieces that are multifunctional, long-lasting, and will help young adults make this new place home.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Nightstands

Nightstands make great small space furniture. This one pictured, the Richter Dark Cherry Finish End Table by iNSPIRE Q Classic, comes with a single drawer, a lower open shelf, and a charging station in a compartment under the table top.

This is one small space furniture piece you don’t want to skip out on. College can be stressful, hectic, tumultuous, you name it. Staying organized on top of studies and extracurriculars can slip away from students, but not when we have a nightstand. Nightstands are among the best pieces of space-saving furniture because they’re where we keep our most essential belongings, from our phones, our wallets, and our keys. They deliver a plethora of storage options, from drawers to shelves, right at your fingertips. Some nightstands, like these, even come with charging ports so your electronics are always kept fully charged and ready to go whenever you need them.

Pieces That Work Just as Hard as You Do: Desks

Desks take up a lot of valuable floor space, but convertible tables work well for small spaces. Our Edmaire Convertible Dining Table and Office Desk by iNSPIRE Q Classic has a drop leaf design so you can fold it up and push it against the wall with enough room to work as a desk. If you need more space or are working with friends, you can extend the top!

It is necessary for college students to have a space where you’re comfortable, organized, and productive. Having the right desk makes all the difference, especially when living in a small space. Convertible desks are a great space-saving solution to this. For example, this table here can fold while still offering ample surface space for homework. If they need to spread out their work or if they’re sharing a meal with friends, they can extend the top, turning it into a functional dining table.

A bonus item on our list for small space furniture! Every desk needs a table top companion and our Maximus Metal Antiqued Brass 1-light Accent Desk Lamp by iNSPIRE Q Artisan makes the perfect one.

Bonus! No desk is complete without proper light to work under. Consider getting a table lamp that can adjust to your student’s needs, perfect for those all-night study sessions.

Functional Anytime, Anywhere: Cabinets

Apothecary cabinets can easily be overlooked but they offer great storage options for small spaces. This is our Whitney 3-Drawer Antique Apothecary Chest by iNSPIRE Q Classic Classic.

In apartments and dorms, storage options aren’t easy to come by. Some housing companies can be strict with drilling holes in the wall, so installing shelves may not be available. However, consider investing an uncommon piece of small space furniture: the apothecary cabinet! Apothecary cabinets are great pieces for small spaces because they’re typically smaller than your average buffet server yet still provide the extra storage needed. They’re perfect for your student to keep at the entryway to drop the mail or store seasonal accessories.

Use Those Nooks and Crannies: Bookcases

Corner bookcases are tiny but mighty pieces of small space furniture! Our Kelsey X-Frame 3-Shelf Bookcase by iNSPIRE Q Classic is perfect for filling those nooks and crannies without sacrificing floor space.

Going hand in hand with the previous small space furniture on our list: the bookcase! It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! Bookcases are wonderful pieces of space-saving furniture because they don’t too much floor space with the vertical design. When it comes to dorms and apartments, every inch of floor space matters, which is why our Design Team suggests a corner bookcase. Corners are often avoided because not many pieces of furniture fit into them. But having something that is designed specifically to fill that may be just what your student needs! Corner bookcases safely tuck away belongings while still keeping them easily accessible.

Moving out of the parents’ house is among the first and biggest steps to take into adulthood. As overwhelming as the task may be, having the right furniture can make it easier. No matter the size or shape of the place, these 4 small space furniture pieces help your student make the most of it.  

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