Set the Perfect Dinner Party Tablescape

You’re having a dinner party and you have no idea where to start when setting the table for your guests. It may seem like an easy feat, but sometimes it is hard to organize a clean, yet elegant tablescape. Tablescapes are simply arrangements of your favorite items placed on top of your table. They can include candles, dining utensils, flowers, napkins, etc.

We believe that the best ones are the simple ones. Less is more! We gathered a few of our favorite tablescape ideas for your next dinner party. From fresh flowers, to candles and plates, we hope these tablescape ideas inspire you and allow you to set the perfect dinner party tablescape!

Classic Tablescape

The first of our dinner party tablescape ideas is clean and classic. It features a black rectangular dining table with a trestle base. Around the table are five, grey linen upholstered parsons chairs. The table features a black vase filled with greenery, black dinnerware, and some wine glasses.
An aerial view of the dinnerware on the table. A stack of plates and matching bowls, and a few sets of silverware. There is also a pitcher of lemon water and some candles.
A closeup of the place settings on the dining table. Each place setting has two plates, a bowl, a fork, a knife, a spoon, and a wine glass.

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Traditional Tablescape

This is the more traditional one of our tablescape ideas. It features an elegant, rectangular table. In the center is a vase of white flowers. There is gold and white dinnerware and some crystal glasses.
This is a closeup of the traditional tablescape ideas. The dinnerware is organized at each place setting. Each place setting has a plate, a cloth napkin, a fork, a knife, a spoon, and a crystal glass.

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Modern Tablescape

This is one of the modern tablescape ideas. It shows a natural-finished table top with beige-upholstered dining chairs. The table has two glasses and a bottle of white wine, as well as a gold ice bucket containing another bottle of white wine.
Another one of our modern tablescape ideas. It features the same rectangular dining table with natural finish top and beige linen dining chairs. On the table, there is a blue table runner, candles, a vase, and dinnerware. The dinnerware includes three champagne flutes, four forks, and stacks of blue, white, and gold plates.
Another one of our modern tablescape ideas. There are some berry red upholstered dining chairs in the unfocused background. The rectangular dining table has a natural finish top, which has four place settings. The place settings include green placemats, white and blue plates, and wine glasses.
The last (but not least!) of our modern tablescape ideas. This is a wood, natural-finished dining table with four blue barrel back upholstered dining chairs. A green table runner is draped over one corner of the rectangular dining table. There is a variety of colorful dinnerware on the table, mainly white, blue, red, and orange.

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