Dive Deep into Coastal Living

Prepare to make waves this season-beachfront designs are trending! Display a simple, classic charm mixed with nautical influences to create that cozy, beach house feel. No need to own a fabulous Hampton beachfront bungalow to achieve this coastal, New England style! Adding a beach-inspired design to your home is quite simple. Let your home’s interior set sail with decorating ideas and guidelines from our iNSPIRE Q Team!

1. Start with a simple and clean color palette

Set the tone of the backdrop for your design with hues of neutral colors, like white and grey, so blue bursts of color throughout your space can really shine through. Mix white, blue, and navy shades, through accent items like throw pillows or cushions to bring out the nautical theme of your design. We used blue to accent this space because it is not only a direct connection to the ocean, but because blue is proven to make us feel comforted, secure, and relaxed- which is exactly the type of vibe you’ll want to have!

2. Utilize classic pieces

By using traditionally styled pieces like a large wood dining table in a vibrant antique finish, the classic elements of this design are subtly prevalent- but not forgotten. This tip will keep the comforting ‘home’ feel within the space which is needed to embrace this style. Whether you’re styling your beach house, or your own coastal home, it’s important to remember to add pieces that make you and your guests feel comforted and welcomed- which can be done best with classic items.


3. Display beach themed artwork and home décor items

Bring the beach inside with the addition of wall décor that reminds you of the sea. An eclectic look is best for this aesthetic- pairing photos with large seahorses, rustic mirrors, or ship decor will help tie the nautical theme together. Place these pieces throughout your home to add a unique flair to the space. Don’t be afraid of adding ‘too many’ décor pieces- unlike a minimalistic styling, this design style thrives on eccentricity! From true elements you’ve found on the beach to signage or stenciling you love- it’s all about the details YOU feel will take the space to the next level!

4. Mix and match patterns

Contrasting the solid colored, traditionally styled pieces with unique, chic patterns completes this design by adding fun and excitement to an otherwise tame style. Our tip: bring out printed curtains or rugs to really add some visual drama to the overall design.

5. Keep seating pieces soft and casual

When it comes to the main comfort items of your home, like a couch loveseat or ottoman, it’s important to keep these items light and neutral. A collective soft linen seating collection allows your space to remain familiar and inviting. With simple transitional lines, these primary items will help keep the design’s tone consistent. We made use of a round ottoman in place of a coffee table to boost the comfort level of the room and keep with our overall subtle classic style.

6. Take advantage of background elements

Let the background of your home become the subtle decorative showcase for your design. By utilizing classically nautical elements, such as a bead board wall and blue colored kitchen cabinets, the style is tied together no matter what room we’re in.

A true coastal comfort vibe can be achieved in any space of your home. All it takes is simple décor, classic styling, and an inviting color palette to tie the look together. Comment down below which tip you loved the most and be sure to share this blog with your friends and family by clicking any of the related action buttons below. Get iNSPIRED!

See this design in action by viewing our related Youtube video: http://bit.ly/blogYT1

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