A Modern Spin on a Classic Style: Farmhouse Edition

To capture a modernized ‘simple way of life’ theme within your home, you don’t need to reside on a farm, or live in a rural area to pull off a farmhouse-friendly interior style. Today, country charm is the most popular design trend, and can easily be obtained with a minimalist approach. Take your country roots with you wherever you may live and follow these basic guidelines to achieve your own modern-day twist on a classic farmhouse style!

1. Create an inviting atmosphere

Signage is everything when it comes to adding a touch of country charm to your home. Add bold and eye-catching signs to your room’s décor to set the tone for a welcoming space.

2. Mixing old with new

Pair comfy, cozy pieces like a linen upholstered love seat with modernized, simply designed coffee or end tables.

3. Embrace neutral themes

Keeping the main furniture items neutral and light with brown, grey and beige hues will help accent pieces stand out naturally. Other pops of color will be able to shine through with “blank canvas” furniture pieces and walls, making a bold statement for your space.

4. Utilize wood tones and textures

By adding a variety of raw wood constructed pieces, a rustic, country-like vibe is easily displayed.

5. Industrial Accents

Black metal detailing of tables and lighting fixtures contrast the lighter items and brings out the rustic side of the design giving the overall space a sturdy, structured feel.

6. Make use of open shelving

Go above and beyond by displaying farm style décor items on open shelves to really bring this style to life. This is where your individual style can really shine through!

7. Traditional features embrace modern paint colors

Dark painted barn doors create a drastic contrast against the light-colored shiplap wall. These classic components are essential to the farmhouse style. By choosing a sophisticated paint color on traditionally rustic elements, these aspects add a new, refreshed feel to your design.

8. Utilize a classic piece in a new way

A rolling kitchen island adds a modern twist on an everyday, functional item. If you’d like, set your space to entertain with fun items such as a hot chocolate or coffee bar to ramp up the comfort for you and your guests in colder winter months. In the summer, this idea could develop into an iced tea or lemonade bar!

9. Rustic meets upscale

Pair a rustic, natural finish dining table with tufted dining chairs to create a casual, charming setting fit for any get together.

10. A touch of nature

Adding potted greenery throughout your space can help bring the traditional outdoor farm feel inside-without all of the mess! Mix and match pottery colors and heights to add a touch of eccentricity into your farmhouse styled home.

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