Creating a Bohemian Inspired Interior

When creating a bohemian interior design for your space, it’s important to avoid going overboard, so your room doesn’t look cheesy, and to remember a few guiding principles that will allow you to create your perfect boho-chic heavenly oasis, styled solely by you.

When it comes to pairing contrasting textures and styles, normally it’s a no-go, but for this specific style, it’s a must. By pairing things such as a modern styled dining chair, with a fuzzy accent pillow, or a bold, glam themed bed with a classically elegant nightstand, true bohemian interior design aesthetics are sure to come out.

This image shows the full bedroom of our bohemian interior design. In the center is our acrylic canopy bed with a white, button tufted headboard. There is also an antique black 2-drawer nightstand, a faux fur ottoman, a shiny gold metal end table, and a beige linen button tufted sofa and ottoman.
A closer shot of our acrylic canopy bed, faux fur ottoman, and antique black 2-drawer nightstand for our bohemian interior design.
This one corner of the room features a black metal Windsor chair, a shiny gold metal end table, a wicker pendant light, and a fireplace filled with books.

1. Opposites attract

Pairing contrasting styled pieces like a bold and modern bed frame with a classical themed end table or nightstand can create a visually appealing aesthetic for your room.

A close-up shot of the antique black 2-drawer nightstand. The distressed finish creates a vintage look for the piece, perfect for any bohemian interior design.

2. Combine neutrals with deep color shades

By choosing a neutral themed staple piece, creating a visually appealing, contrasting vibe for your overall space is simple when choosing a darker color scheme.

A front-facing close-up shot of the arcylic canopy bed, faux fur ottoman, and antique black 2-drawer nightstand.

3. Mix and match different sizes, textures and patterns

Layer various sized rugs and pillows that showcase differentiating textures and patterns to really make your design shine through. This will also add visually puzzling detail that will bring your space to life. You can also take a look at this blog post for more inspiration!

A close-up shot of the bedding. There are many square pillows of all different sizes, colors, and textures.

4. Include shiny or reflective surfaces

You can’t complete this style without a little glam. Add items that feature mirrored detailing or metallic accents that will perfectly tie your theme together.

A close-up shot of the round, gold metal and dark brown wood end table.

5. Earthy textures meet mixed metals

When choosing lighting fixtures, such as a simply designed wicker chandelier or accessory, adds just the right amount of natural tones and textures to really make the metal accents in the room stand out.

Another view of the fireplace filled with books. It also shows the beige linen tufted ottoman and sofa.

6. Add a touch of nature

To complete your look, incorporating plants and greenery is always encouraged. These additions will give your space that Zen vibe that bohemian interior design promises.

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