How To: Dress Your Upholstered Headboard

If you have an upholstered headboard, whether tufted or embroidered with nailhead trim, it may be difficult to know how to “dress” such a majestic piece of furniture. You might think to yourself, What pillows do I use? What duvet should I get that will go well against my headboard? One of our designers showcased our favorite beds and how to style an upholstered headboard with different looks to help you dress your own!

Start by placing the largest pillows against the headboard. Then add the smaller pillows. The variation in sizes creates a stunning interest against the headboard. Having a variety of textured pillows is important because they add dynamic dimension to your bed.

The important thing to remember is to avoid clashing the linen upholstery because you are dressing your bed up against an upholstered headboard. If the upholstered bed is grey or beige, keep your pillows and comforter neutral.

Finally, finish dressing up your headboard with a stunning throw or blanket for added interest. It will be the cherry on top of a sundae!

This image displays one of our beds from iNSPIRE Q Artisan. The bed is upholstered in dark grey linen and has an extra tall, wingback headboard with deep button tufting. The bed features floral-themed bedding, with plenty of pillows in various shades of grey, purple, and white. The sheets are also purple, which complements the dark grey linen upholstery.
This is another look to show how to style an upholstered headboard. This bed from our iNSPIRE Q Artisan collection is upholstered in grey linen and features a wingback, button-tufted headboard. This bed features more elaborate bedding. It uses beige and grey colors, with paisley prints on both the comforter and the pillows.
Another one of our ways on how to style an upholstered headboard is featured here. This is another bed from the iQ Artisan collection, upholstered in beige linen with a wingback, button-tufted headboard. The blankets and pillows are all various shades of beige and grey to complement the beige linen.
This image is a different beige linen upholstered bed. Like the previous beds, this bed has a button-tufted headboard and wingback style, but it is curved. There is also a noticeable nailhead trim for added sophistication. The bedding is a bit more modern in style, with a simple white blanket, color block sheets in purple and white, and pillows in white, grey, purple, and even yellow.
This bed is a little bit different from all our other beds previously featured. The headboard is tall, upholstered in grey linen, and has square button tufts. It lacks a wingback style so it has a more contemporary silhouette. The bedding matches this aesthetic. Sticking with the purple and white color scheme, the sheets are white, the comforter is purple, the pillows are both, complete with a fluffy white throw blanket.

Now that we showed you a few different ways on how to style an upholstered headboard, we hope this helps! You can also read this post on mixing textures or our latest posts for the newest information from iNSPIRE Q. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more inspiration!

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