Creating a Stylish, Clutter-Free Room

Creating a clutter-free space doesn’t have to be a tedious task, nor should it look out of style in the process! Consider planning your home’s playroom, mudroom or laundry room around the new iNSPIRE Q stackable boxes. We designed these fun modular storage bins in a variety of colors to ensure the perfect fit in your own unique space. Stylish and convenient, the design combinations and ideas are endless! Whether it be a child’s playroom or a laundry room, these bins easily organize your favorite items and fit perfectly in every space! Mix and match different colors or keep it all the same. The best part is cleaning since the open storage cubes provide easy access to cleaning. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team fashioned 7 rooms to illustrate a variety of ways to organize your space as well as inspire you.

The Sunny Art Room

This picture shows a room with our Modular Stacking Storage Bins as the centerpiece. The bins are in a bright, banana yellow finish, forming a staircase-like shape with 3 bins on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on the top. There is also a bin off to the side, as well as an easel. The bins are all filled with various pieces of household items, all of which are yellow, red, or blue to complement the yellow finish.

Whether your child or you yourself have a passion for art, this style is perfect for any and all artists. With yellow bins like these, we can create a light, airy, sunny room that lets creativity flow. Store your tools or the items that inspire you most!

The Playroom

This is another one of our ways to organize your space. This time, we used our blue Modular Stacking Storage Bins. There is a set of 3 bins with a set of 2 bins stacked on top of them. 1 bin is off to the side as well as a whiteboard with a To-Do List written on it. The bins all contain toys, pillows, balls, and stuffed animals. Scattered on the floor is another ball, a baseball, a baseball bat, a baseball mitt, and a skateboard across a blue rug.

Absolutely essential to any playroom, these stackable boxes are super versatile, easily adapting to any style you have in mind! With these stackable bins, you can clear the clutter and store them all in one convenient place! And with the open design of the bins, your little ones can easily access their favorite toys.

The Craft Room

Pictured here are 4 of our Modular Stacking Storage Bins with 3 bins stacked on top. 5 of the 7 bins are in a black finish, while 1 bin is red, and another is banana yellow. All the bins contain craft supplies such as yarn, knitting needles, canvases, paints, and paper. This offers a fun, modern look while keeping art supplies organized.

Want a more playful color scheme? Mix and match the stackable boxes in primary colors for a bright and colorful look. Don’t forget to roll out a durable rug to complete the design and create a soft place for kids to play.

The Girl Room

For this one of our ways to organize your space, we offered a more feminine look fit for a princess. We made a pyramid of white Modular Stacking Storage Bins, with 3 bins on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on top. There is also 1 bin off to the side. Inside the bins are blankets, pillows, and toys, all in various shades of pink that truly stand out against the white finish.

This pretty pink design will delight any little girl with paper lanterns, soft throw pillows and personalized wall art. The white storage boxes offer plenty of easily accessible space for toys, books, blankets and more while fading into the background and allow the color scheme to really pop.

The Paris-Themed Teen Room

This is one of the more mature ways to organize your space for kids who might be a bit older. In the center of the room are grey Modular Stacking Storage Bins, with 3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on top in the shape that looks like a staircase. The bins are filled with blankets, pillows,     and books, while the top of the bins are used as extra surface space for photos and a table lamp. Since we were going for a Paris theme, there is a painting of the Eiffel Tower on the wall above the bins, and a chalkboard to the side has "Paris Vacation!" written on it.
Similar to the previous image, we have our grey Modular Stacking Storage Bins stacked in a staircase shape with 3 bins on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on top. There is a blue bin off to the side, which complements the grey finish and the peach-colored household items stored in the bins.

For a look that’s perfect for pre-teens and teens, go with modern neutral colors like grey and charcoal. Peach and navy are great complementary colors that add a fun and bright touch without being too kiddish.

The Sophisticated Outdoor Playroom

This one of our ways to organize your space is a modern look for an outdoorsy-themed space. We used black Modular Stacking Storage Bins (3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle, 1 on top, and 1 off to the side). The bins feature black and white household items, including blankets, pillows, books, and even some clothing articles. There are also some stuffed animals added to enhance the outdoorsy theme to the overall space.

If you have kids, then you probably have toys. A lot of toys. Toys for boys, toys for girls, toys for inside, toys for outside, you name it. This style offers a clean, sophisticated way to organize your space and all the toys in it. We went with black bins because they were sleek, neutral, and could easily pair with any existing color scheme in your home.

The Laundry Room

Shifting gears from toys and kids rooms, this image shows a laundry room. There are 6 Modular Stacking Storage Bins, 3 stacked on top of 3 stacked on top of 3. They are a mix of blue and white finishes. The bins are filled with folded towels, sheets, and all kinds of cleaning supplies. There are two bins off to the side with unfolded towels in them, presumably for laundry that needs to be cleaned.
This image is very similar to the one before it. We have 5 white Modular Stacking Storage Bins, with a set of 3 and a set of 2 stacked on top of it. The bins are filled with folded sheets, towels, and all kinds of cleaning supplies. Hanging above the bins is a white t-shirt. Off to the side are 2 white bins stacked on top of each other holding some dirty towels that need to be cleaned.

These stackable boxes aren’t just for the kids! Use them in your laundry room or mudroom and keep things neat and organized. The compartments are large enough for towels, blankets, cleaning supplies and shoes, and the open design makes it easy to see and access items.

This image illustrates all 6 color options for the Modular Stacking Storage Bins. There is 1 black bin, 1 white bin, 1 grey bin, 1 red bin, 1 yellow bin, and 1 blue bin.

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