Styling Inspiration: Modern Canopy Bed

Our iQ Bold Canopy Beds are chic, luxurious, and opulent. We designed them to be the centerpiece of your bedroom. The gleaming metal finishes undoubtedly showcase the ultimate glam look. Meanwhile, the simple silhouette allows for the bed to compliment any space without being too overwhelming.

However, with a variety of upholstery options, it can sometimes be difficult to know what bedding to use. Or it could be challenging to find décor that would go well with such a stunning canopy bed. Therefore, the iNSPIRE Q Design Team compiled all our favorite looks with a variety of our modern canopy beds to show you just how many looks you can create!

Champagne Charm:

This image is the first but not the last modern canopy bed we have to offer. In the center is our Metal Canopy Upholstered Bed with Grey Linen Headboard and Champagne Gold Finish Frame. The bedding is in a light gold hue, paired with pillows in various brown shades. At the foot of the bed is a beige linen-upholstered metal bench. Two mirrored nightstands are also in the picture, creating a contemporary, glam look.

Clean, Crisp, Chrome:

Like the previous modern canopy bed, this Metal Canopy Bed features grey linen upholstery. However, the metal frame comes in a chrome finish. The bedding comes in various shades of grey, white, and blue, for a light, clean aesthetic that complements the linen and metal of the bed. At the foot of a bed is a mirrored writing desk with an acrylic chair. The two lamps have white drum shades and metal bases, which beautifully accents the bed in the center of the room.

Bold and Gold:

This modern canopy bed makes a bold statement in any room. The headboard is upholstered in dark grey linen while the shiny metal frame is finished in gold for a striking contrast. The bedding is primarily white, with some blue and gold blankets and pillows to complement the linen and metal. There is also a mirrored nightstand and a gold velvet accent chair.

Light and Feminine:

This image showcases a Metal Canopy Bed with a Beige Linen Upholstered Headboard and Champagne Gold Finish Metal Frame. The champagne gold resembles rose gold and the blush-colored bedding really brings it out. There is also a white faux fur throw blanket and white faux fur pillows for added texture while tying the look together. There is a mirrored nightstand off to the side, as well as a grey velvet accent chair.

Dark and Masculine:

Unlike the previous modern canopy bed, this bed has a dark grey linen upholstered headboard and black nickel finish metal frame. We still dressed the bed with a blush-colored comforter and matching pillows. But we also used a dark grey faux fur throw blanket and a few gold throw pillows. There is also a mirrored nightstand off to the side, as well as a grey velvet accent chair with a gold pillow.

Modern Leather Statement:

This modern canopy bed features a bonded leather upholstered headboard with plush button tufting and a black nickel finish metal frame. The bedding includes deep purple comforter, white sheets, deep purple and black pillows. This creates a rich, edgy look that is sure to make a bold statement. At the foot of the bed is a plush, black velvet bench. The nightstand is mirrored on a metal base, while a matching mirrored writing desk sits in the background.

Whimsical Yet Chic:

This modern canopy bed has a beige linen-upholstered headboard with plush button tufting. The metal frame is finished in chrome, which complements the beige linen. The bedding has a white base, but grey, peach, and light blue accents. It offers a whimsical, eclectic touch. There are two nightstands, each in a light blue finish. The wall behind the bed is an accent wall with grey Moroccan print on it.

Rich and Striking:

Last, but not least, this modern canopy bed is quite similar to the bed with the bonded leather upholstery. Instead, this bed has dark grey linen upholstery for the headboard, complete with button tufting. The metal frame has a black nickel finish, while the bedding is full of rich hues of purple, grey, and black. The white sheets offset the dark colors beautifully.

You can also see these beds in action in the videos below!

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