How To Style Your Home Modern & Rustic

This image sets the mood for a modern and rustic space. It shows a top-down view of a wooden table, which is decorated with a variety of elements including paper, faux greenery, faux fur,  and some fabric.

Styling a modern and rustic space…how could two opposing styles possibly go together? Believe it or not, they can and do look great together. It is very simple to achieve if you just begin with the basics. You don’t need a house in the woods to achieve rustic charm. All you need are a few key elements and iNSPIRE Q!

This is a view of a modern and rustic space...this time it's a bedroom. The bed in the middle of the room has a wood and metal construction, which matches the two end tables. The modern touches come from the grey linen storage bench and grey, white, and yellow bedding.

Start White

Before you add the rustic elements to your space, you need to start with a clean slate. Clean white walls are the best way to keep it modern. White walls also draw attention to the other rustic elements, home décor, architecture and outdoors. Keep your furniture a neutral white color or your bed spreads, kitchen counters, or any other elements. Then you have the key modern element!

This modern and rustic space is a living room. There is a white stone and wood fireplace off to the side. There are grey linen upholstered sofa and loveseat and a white linen upholstered accent chair. The coffee table is a reclaimed wood drum-shaped coffee table.

Add Stone or Wood

Now add the rustic! The most important feature of rustic is bringing nature inside. Show off your stone elements like this fireplace. Add wood furniture with natural grains like a bed frame, mantel, wardrobe or lamp. Include any wood element you can add to warm up the space. Avoid adding too much. It is important to get just the right balance. Remember, it is your space so add what you love!

This is another living room similar to the previous one. It is bigger, with plenty of seating upholstered in white linen. There is a square baluster pine wood coffee table and a round drum-shaped end table. The sofas and chairs all have brown accent pillows.

Textures and Warmth

Once you add your material elements, it’s now the easy step. Add textures and plants for the natural element. Keep fabrics simple, but add fur rugs or blankets and solid colors. Make sure you stay away from patterns. You want to present nature in all its beauty. Use earth tones to ensure subtle textures. Don’t overpower your modern touches, though. Here the iNSPIRE Q team accented a bedspread with a warm fur throw. A warm brown and gold décor with green plants also create texture and warmth.

This is a closeup view of a home office. There is a black, campaign style desk, minimally decorated with white and gold décor. The chair paired with it is a parson chair with grey linen button tufted upholstery.

You don’t always need the architecture or setting to be rustic in order to achieve the blend of modern and rustic. Sometimes an additional element of the two styles is all that is necessary. Adding modern furniture with a touch of nature–wood, plants, stone, and fur–is really all you need!

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