Staging Tips


Your kitchen and living room are two of the most important spaces in your home and vital for staging. Now, if you are not planning on staging your home, hang tight. Don’t leave! I promise these tips will still be beneficial for you! The tips will not only show you how to stage your home, but also give you simple ways to create a cohesive layout for your space!




  1. First, KEEP it simple. Start by adding each piece one by one. No one likes clutter so keep the space simple. Above, we began with two bookcases to balance the space. Notice how it is symmetrical and balanced. There are two bookcases and two accent chairs. To finish balancing the space, we placed one side table in between the two accent chairs. Two tables would be too much and create an imbalance.
  2. Once you add your furniture pieces in the room, you can add the accessories. We put a piece of wall art in between the shelving because wall art truly changes the look of a space entirely. Add fun pieces like plants and books to the furniture to show the use you get in the space. However, do not CLUTTER the furniture or space. Keep it minimal.
  3. We then added seating on the rug to show the “livability” factor. How do you live in the space? You need to show home buyers “livability” so they can envision themselves in that space.
  4. The last step is to add or take away accessories. Take a step back and look at the room from afar. Either add more detail if things are too bare or take away items if the space is too busy.  Remember – when setting up your furniture in any space, always float the furniture pieces away from the walls. It makes the space appear larger and better for house traffic.


Empty House and Moving In-003 Livingroom (view 5)For more staging inspiration, visit our Pinterest page here.