DIY Fall Table Decor


In just a couple of weeks. it will be fall! iNSPIRE Q is beyond ready for the season. We want to share a beautiful fall table décor spread with you. You can create this look in any space. It is inexpensive, quick, easy, and works well for all spaces.


E765-12 + E765-12B + E765-05L_LS1-AV_Aug 22 2017


We started with our sleek-modern living room. Our designer came up with this fall spread to go well in any space, whether it be modern, traditional, eclectic, etc. By swapping out a few plants and other décor you currently have in your space and replacing them with fall touches, a room can quickly be transformed for any season.


E765-04 + E765-30 + E938CM-2B_LS1_SM2_Aug 22 2017


A trend that is currently huge in home decor are battery operated candles. They are used to decorate many homes now because they are safe, and add warmth to any space. Our designer used silk leaves with battery operated candles to create this fall spread.

What you need:

  1. Battery operated candles
  2. Glass candle holders (they could be mason jars as well. Whatever goes with your space)
  3. Table tray (we used a wicker one with handles)
  4. Cloth napkin
  5. Silk leaves


E765_Occasional_HowTo-Autumn_LS1_SM1-A_Aug 22 2017

E765_Occasional_HowTo-Autumn_LS1_SM1-D_Aug 22 2017

E765_Occasional_HowTo-Autumn_LS1_SM1-F_Aug 22 2017


All you simply need to do to create this look is start by layering each item one by one as shown above. This is an easy look to create and can probably be created by items you already have laying around your home! For more inspiration from iNSPIRE Q visit our Pinterest.