How to Style a Bar Cart

This first image used to depict how to style a bar cart features a glam-inspired bar cart. The bar cart has shiny chrome finishes and is decorated with chrome and silver barware. A potted plant on the top shelf adds a pop of color.

Just like any space that you style, the key ingredient to making something look nice is a plan and organization! You want just the right balance of elements on your bar cart. It can’t be too bare or too cluttered. So how do you know what the right ratio is, or what looks right? Not to worry, iNSPIRE Q will show you three steps to creating a show-topping bar cart in your space, and it is simple!

A closer look at how to style a bar cart. This chrome-finished bar cart has mirrored panels and decorated with matching chrome barware.

Step One: Start with a Plan

To begin, map out on a scratch piece of paper what you want on your bar cart. Also be sure to include options of arranging all of your items in an organized fashions.

In this image, we use the same bar cart to display a different way as to how to style a bar cart. This bar cart still has the mirror sides and chrome frame. The décor has a lot more color, as the top shelf has a bowl of oranges, green glasses, and an orange bottle. The bottle shelf has green bottles and metal barware.

Pictured is a closeup of the previous image. The top shelf has a bowl of whole oranges, some orange slices, some green glasses, and a bottle of margarita mix. The bottom shelf has two bottles and some metal barware.

Step Two: Create Balance

Next, like the image below, create balance on each sides of your bar cart. You don’t want a lot of items all on the right or left side. They should be equal on each sides to create balance and thus, this will be more visually appealing. 

Another closeup view of another bar cart. This bar cart has a shiny champagne gold finish and has the top shelf decorated with gold, orange, and copper barware.

Another view of the mirror and chrome detailing of the bar cart. There are a few pieces of metal barware and a chrome-potted plant.

Step Three: Create a Focal Point

Finally, create a focal point. The focal point is the element that is an eye-catching part. Now you have all of your essentials on the bar cart such as the glasses, the drinks, or food, but now you add a fun focal point. This is usually a plant or some decor piece that will showcase your personality or style in your space.

This final image displays a mirrored and champagne gold finished bar cart with gold, copper, and glass barware on it.

To conclude, be sure to dress your bar cart up! Don’t be afraid to infuse your personal style into it. A bar cart doesn’t just have to have glasses and drinks on it. Your bar cart should show o your style and be a piece in your space for fun stylish functionality. 

We hope this post gave you all the info you need on how to style a bar cart. You can learn more about all iNSPIRE Q bar carts with this testimonial from the Seattle Times and our selection of bar carts.

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