Get the Glam

Get the glamorous bedroom you’ve always wanted by following these simple steps.


1. Soft, Clean Rugs

You don’t want your toes to get cold when you get out of bed!




2. Mirrors

And your favorite statement color (ours is pink!).


10_NO BED_09_645W(3A) + 4709M(3A)_DE


3. Neutral Colored Bed Frame and Sheets

This makes your statement color really pop! And keeps your room elegant. To keep it interesting remember: Textures are key!


4. Shiny and Patterned Stools

This creates a great opportunity to add in more patterns and colors.


07_NO LAMPS-2146-1 + 645W(3A) + E725C-GA + 4709M(3A)_DE


5. Nightstand Decor

Good lamps are a MUST HAVE for late night reading- might as well make them classy. Also, flowers are always a good idea 🙂




6. Colorful Pillows and Throws 

This is where your pop of color really stands out!


01 MAIN_2146-1 + 645W(3A) + E725C-GA + 4709M(3A) + E516LT(3A)_DE (1)


What would you do to make this room more you?




And watch behind the scenes footage below!


Until next time.