One Mantle, Three Inspirations


The mantle is probably one of the. hardest. places to decorate in the home, especially when it comes to decorating for the season! But have no fear! Since we love you all so much, we decided to help you out with the struggle and give you three different inspirational designs.

Now, because it is Halloween and we LOVE getting into the spirit over at the studio, we decided to give you a Spooktacular  mantle for our first design:

E204C-BL(3A) + E518LT(3A) + 5100-04(3A)_LS1SM10-1

Some of the most important pieces to include in a Spooktacular mantle are cobwebs, ghosts, bats, and of course, pumpkins. EL-10.13.2015_07

When taking a closer look at the mantle, you can see that a lot of these pieces can be easily made at home:

  • Cheap black picture frames filled with printed pictures of spooky characters
  • Cut out paper bats
  • Plastic pumpkins with sharpie faces
  • White spray painted pumpkins with “boo” written on them


*Remember: designing a mantle includes everything around it as well. You need to make sure the whole area flows. That is why we included some spooky candles and faces down on the floor next to the fire place.

For our second design, we went for a Natural Autumn look.

E204C-BL(3A) + E578LT(3A) + 5100-04(3A)_LS1SM10-3

This design can make your house feel 100% ready for Autumn (and keep it ready for the whole season).  Some of our favorite little pieces we included to give that “Natural” feel are: birch wood candles, feathers, colorful leaves, acorns, and golden pillows. E204C-BL(3A) + E578LT(3A) + 5100-04(3A)_LS1SM10-3_HEADER-A

I Spy a cute little owl up on that mantle too!

For those of you who enjoy the Autumn season but still want something a little more elegant, we created a Classic Glamour Mantle as our final piece:

E204C-BL(3A) + E518LT(3A) + 5100-04(3A)_LS1SM10-2

In order to pull off this look you need to make sure to include a lot of shine and neutral colored pumpkins. Gold is also a “must have” color when thinking about your mantle.EL-10.13.2015_14 BANNER A-2

To spice up your side table: Pile up some books to give your items some height and glue some leaves to your candles!


And there you have it! Three ways to decorate that mantle for the fall season!


We hope these three examples give you enough inspiration to go out and create an AWESOME seasonal mantle. Until next time-