Holiday Decor Inspiration

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The holidays are upon us, and though it’s still pretty early in the season, decorations and festivities are in full swing! You may already have your Christmas tree up and décor all around your home, but have you thought about bringing the holiday cheer into your bedroom or guestroom? It doesn’t take much to add a little extra Christmas spirit, and decorating even your home’s bedrooms is a great idea for incoming family and guests that are visiting for the holidays.


In this pretty and cozy bedroom, we went with a country-farmhouse look that’s perfect for the holidays! Rustic décor and Christmas were practically made for each other, and the understated look is warm and welcoming. In your bedroom or guestroom, the bed is always the center of the design, and nothing is more comfortable (and stylish) than throw pillows. They are a great way to set your color scheme and immediately set a fun, seasonal tone. Mix solids and patterns that reflect your personal holiday style. Chevrons, stripes, trellis patterns and metallic filigree all are lovely choices and come together for a an overall Christmas flair. Keep your bedding and sheets simple so that the patterns and pillows stand out. A cotton comforter or duvet is soft and ties in the farmhouse feel. If you have a metal headboard, add a garland of pine or dried flowers for a graceful and homey feel.  For guests, add a little decorative gift with a sprig of berries as a final touch.

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A small wreath and matching metal stars bring the entire design home and truly fill the room with holiday cheer. And while your full-sized Christmas tree may be gracing the family or living room, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a miniature version into your bedroom. It makes for a very fitting  accessory atop your nightstand or dresser and adds even more greenery to the design, which is in step with the country-chic look in this room.

So what do you think? Ready to add some holiday décor to the bedrooms in your home?