‘Blue Christmas’ Table Setting

Christmas - FB _SocialMedia1

Ten days and counting until Christmas, and everyone’s in a rush gift shopping and preparing for the big day! We decided to post a lovely table setting that’s sure to inspire as you get ready for your festivities.

If you’re a little tired of the traditional green and red Christmas color palette and want to try something different this year, consider a stunning monochromatic color scheme! We went with a vivid royal blue complemented by a snowy white. Christmas - FB _SocialMedia

This design was easy to do, and the result stunning considering the little planning needed!

Our design centers around these gorgeous blue ombre wine glasses. Their size and shape anchors the whole design, mirroring the ornaments strewn about the table. You can easily find colored glasses at home decor stores–they’re a great place to start when thinking about your holiday table.

Christmas _SM2

To give the design a full look, it’s important to incorporate multiple textures. Because we wanted to emphasize a winter wonderland air, we chose flocked pine garland as a table runner. It was the perfect background for the vivid blue ornaments and votive holders we also included.

To keep visual interest and add variety, we made sure to choose ornaments that not only matched the same hue of the glasses, but also included a range of shades. Some are opalescent silver, some a sparkling medium blue, others a deep aqua or dark navy.

Christmas _SM1

Last but not least, we went with simple white china with a subtle texture. The plates and bowls reminded us of freshly fallen snow, and they didn’t distract from the main decorations!  The napkins we found tied into the blue color scheme as well, but they did not overpower the setting by being too bright or  busy.

Christmas _SM3

Overall, planning a monochromatic table setting is relatively simple, but it’s all about balance. Choose a focal point, add variety and texture, but don’t let one element overpower your main focus.

So what do you think? Ready to decorate?!