Holiday Inspiration: Christmas Glam

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Christmas Glam

Not all Christmas color schemes are traditional, and it’s important that however you choose to decorate for the holidays reflects your personal style! If you’re inspired by glamour, rich hues and grandeur, then this purple and gold dining room may be just right for you. With a little creativity, this festive look is easy to achieve and is sure to wow your guests!

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When we think about holiday gatherings, we usually envision a family or living room, with all the festivities surround the Christmas tree. But, your dining room is host to its fair share of the celebration and is probably just as if not more important than your living room for entertaining purposes, so don’t forget to go all out with your decor!

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For this design, we started with as many sparkling gold accessories as possible. Glitz and glamour all in gold really ups the holiday feel and gives the space a little magic. Everything from gold branches, wreathes, garland, snowflakes, ornaments and stockings are carefully hung and placed around the room for an eye-catching effect. Add purple as an accent color is smaller doses so it doesn’t compete with the gold. Purple is a very saturated and bright color, so a little goes a long way. You definitely don’t want this look to be too over the top!

Many people have multiple Christmas trees around their, so why not have a small or medium size one for your dining room? It can be a great complement to your color scheme!

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When choosing accessories, think out of the box! Hang glittering ornaments from your chandelier for a little extra color and use miniature ornaments to decorate champagne flutes or wine glasses. White and violet striped candles mirror a candy cane’s pattern while still keeping with the color palette. Add a few small gift boxes for visual interest and variety. This whole look carries a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness, so don’t be afraid to be unconventional in your decor.

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In addition to the bright and sparkling accessories, grab festive and stylish dishes and bowls and fill them with your favorite holiday indulgences. If you can find candies wrapped in accordance with the color scheme, even better! Sweets and treats will add a whimsical and fun flair to your table setting. 2 (1)

With a glam design like this, be creative, adventurous and whimsical. The vivid colors are all about the festivities and excitement of the holiday. Their bold and bright; exactly how Christmas should be!

How will you decorate your dining room for the holidays this year?