5 Simple Holiday Home Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of year again! With everyone home for the holidays, there is no better time for intimate gatherings with warm mugs of hot cocoa by the light of the fire. But sometimes, decorating our homes for the festivities may seem more daunting than our favorite holiday classics make it out to be. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team has 5 simple holiday home decorating ideas to help you deck the halls!

Less is more: create a main focal point!

Of all our holiday home decorating ideas, creating a focal point is a great first step. You don’t need to decorate every surface to have a fun and festive space. In our family room, we used the fireplace as our focal point. Once you have chosen a piece to anchor your space with, use small touches of holiday sparkle throughout the rest of the room.

We anchored all of our holiday home decorating ideas with our fireplace! This image shows a lit fireplace with three plush stockings hanging over it. The mantle is decorated with lit gold candles, evergreen branches, and miniature statues of the the letters J, O, and Y.

All about the ambiance

Ambiance is what makes a holiday setting so heartwarming. You can easily achieve this through lighting! Fireplaces are great for this. If you don’t have a fireplace, candles work just as effectively. Hanging twinkle lights on and off the Christmas tree are another great alternative too! All of these are great ways to establish that warm and cozy vibe.

Bring out the heirlooms

For many, nothing brings the family together better than the holidays. The holidays are just as much about reflecting and building memories as they are about giving gifts. Don’t be afraid to fall back on your favorite childhood holiday traditions! Dust off the ornament collections, pull out the vintage eggnog glasses, and use Grandma’s famous Christmas cookie recipes!

No need to be out with the old with our holiday home decorating ideas! This image shows a wood end table beside our black leather sofa. On top of the end table is a large lamp with frosted glass base. There is also a figurine of an antique-looking stag.

Make it a winter wonderland

You can never go wrong with a natural aesthetic. That’s why it’s called a winter wonderland! Evergreen touches make lovely accents to a space, whether from a Christmas tree, a wreath, or even just some branches in a vase. Frosted glass is a cool and classy choice for décor as well. And you can always set your holiday décor by some windows for a natural winter scenery as your backdrop!

This shot features a decorated gingerbread house atop a lazy susan on our dining table. Someone is reaching to put the finishing touch on it. In the background is a coffee table with hot cocoa and our unlit fireplace.

Get cozy!

Soft blankets and plush throw pillows are necessary in the colder months, but even more so when the holidays roll around! Some of our fondest memories are created while curled up on the couch in our pajamas under a warm blanket.

And here’s the final look!

This image captures our entire family room! There is the lit fireplace, the coffee table and hot cocoa, the gingerbread house on the lazy susan dining table, and a black leather sofa with plush pillows and blankets. In the background is a Christmas tree decorated with white lights and ornaments, and a single person goes to hang the final ornament.

Cozy has never looked more stylish. Get inspired this holiday season with these 5 simple holiday home decorating ideas! No matter how you celebrate, the iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here to help you make it home.

Deck the halls with our most enchanting collection yet!

For more holiday home decorating ideas, be sure to check out our YouTube channel and other blog posts! We have plenty of holiday-themed articles so you’ll always be prepared, no matter the season.

Happy holidays from all of us at iNSPIRE Q!