iNSPIRE Q Holiday Hacks

Welcome to Inspire Q’s Modern Farmhouse. We’re going to show you some simple decor hacks that you can use to decorate your own house for the upcoming holidays. There are three main areas that we’ll focus on. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

First up on our holiday list is Halloween. Spooky and creepy may not be your style, but it’s ours! With minor changes to small areas and a continuous color scheme you’ll have the perfect blend of scary and chic.

  1. One simple change we made was adding a wreath with a holiday theme to the door instead of our everyday one.
  2. Next up, we added fall garland, pumpkins, and a spooky sign to one of the shelves in our bookshelf.
  3. We switched out some pillows for ones with more of a fall color scheme.
  4. The centerpiece was by far my favorite; we added spooky pumpkins, decorative poison bottles, and holiday themed jars give the overall frightening feel.
  5. Adding a couple more decorations around the room, and your house is all set for the perfect Halloween event!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, here’s how we transitioned Halloween to thanksgiving, our personal favorite. Sticking with a color scheme helps everything look complete.

  1. We changed up the door wreath to one with fall motifs and colors. Leaves and pumpkins on this wreath really set the atmosphere.
  2. Moving on to the bookshelf, we replaced the Halloween decor with pumpkins and gourds, but keeping our leaf garland.
  3. We switched back to our original everyday pillows for a neutral accent.
  4. The table is all set for a family gathering. Our wood place holders add a personal touch, and a keepsake for your guests to take home.
  5. We added a few more accents around the house to complete the look. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Finally, it’s time for Christmas. We repositioned our furniture to display our tree through front window. Coming up with a color scheme and simple changes really transforms the space.

  1. Adding a frosted pine bough with plaid ribbon for a simple and quick addition to our front door.
  2. We rearranged some items on the shelves, and added accents of red and greens.
  3. Next up we added decorative pillows. Our color scheme was red, green, and plaid.
  4. Some simple Christmas decor added to our table makes the perfect place to wrap presents and make garland for the whole family.
  5. Additional red and green accents and homemade decor gives the final touch for a warm and cozy space to bundle up and spend time with family. Merry Christmas!