Three Holidays, One Room!

Welcome to iNSPIRE Q’s modern farmhouse! We’re going to show you some simple modern farmhouse holiday ideas that you can use to decorate your own home. There are three main events that we’ll focus on: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


First up on our holiday list is Halloween. Adding a spooky and creepy vibe to your space may seem daunting at first, but with a few minor changes and a continuous color scheme, you’ll undoubtedly have the perfect blend of scary and chic!

This image shows our beige linen sofa, wood and metal end table, and wood and metal coffee table. The two tables are decorated with pumpkins, pinecones, and candles, perfect for our modern farmhouse holiday ideas!

For example, one simple change we made was adding a wreath with a holiday theme to the door.

Building on our modern farmhouse holiday ideas for Halloween, this image features our antique black finish kitchen server. The oak-finished top of the server is decorated with apples, candles, and pumpkins. Hanging on the shiplap wall are even more Halloween-inspired décor with ghosts and bats.
This is another view of our Halloween-themed living room. This shot is a close up on the wood and metal end table, as it displays pumpkins, crows, and pinecones.
This living room shot focuses on the coffee table, made with wood and metal with decorative wheels for rustic appeal. The planked table top is decorated with pumpkins and candles to suit the Halloween theme.

In another instance, we switched out some of our decorative pillows for ones with more of a fall color scheme.

This image shows a wood and metal bookcase in our modern farmhouse. We decorated this bookcase from top to bottom with fall-themed accessories, lanterns, candles, and plants.

Next, we added fall garland, pumpkins, and a spooky sign to one of the shelves in our bookshelf.

The centerpiece was by far our favorite; we added spooky pumpkins, decorative poison bottles, and holiday themed jars give the overall frightening feel. 

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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, here’s how we transitioned our modern farmhouse from Halloween to Thanksgiving! Sticking with a color scheme helps everything look complete.

This one of our modern farmhouse holiday ideas focuses on Thanksgiving. We have the same living room setup with our beige linen sofa, wood and metal end table, wood and metal coffee table, and wood and metal bookcase. However, we removed the black and orange décor and replaced it with more neutral, earthy tones.

First, we switched back to our original, everyday pillows for a neutral accent.

Then, we changed up the door wreath to one with fall motifs and colors. Leaves and pumpkins on this wreath really set the atmosphere.

The table is all set for a family gathering. Our wood place holders add a personal touch, and a keepsake for your guests to take home.

We also added a few more accents around the house to complete the look.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Now, we have the last (but not least) of our modern farmhouse holiday ideas. It’s time for Christmas! We repositioned our furniture to display our tree through front window. A simple red, green, gold, and silver color scheme helped to amplify the holiday feel of this space!

In this image, our living room has transformed to Christmas. There is a lit-up Christmas tree positioned in front of the window. In front of the decorated Christmas tree is two beige linen accent chairs. In front of those chairs is the wood and metal coffee table and the beige linen sofa.

Adding a frosted pine bough with plaid ribbon for a simple and quick addition to our front door.

We also rearranged some items on the shelves on our bookcase, and added red and green accent décor, along with some winter-appropriate foliage (pinecones and berries!).

Next, we added decorative pillows. During Christmas time especially, do not be afraid to add pillows that have decorative text on them to increase the festive vibe within your space!

Some simple Christmas décor on our table makes the perfect place to wrap presents and make garland for the whole family.

Another view of our living room, specifically the wood and metal coffee table with Christmas décor.

Additional red and green accents and homemade décor gives this farmhouse the final touch needed for a warm and cozy space to bundle up and spend time with family.

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Happy Holidays from the iNSPIRE Q Design Team!