Decorating Your Modern Space For Christmas

With just five weeks until Christmas the pressure is really on to get your home ready for the holidays! Our designers at iNSPIRE Q wanted to show you an inexpensive way for you to decorate your modern space this Christmas. Believe it or not, you can get these decorations for under $200! It is also super quick and easy to decorate.

We started with this gorgeous loft space and slowly added small touches of our favorite Christmas decor. We made sure to not go overboard when it came to adding these holiday pieces to an already modern space.  You want to keep your decor minimal and clean just like the style of the space. We just added simple pops of red pillows throughout with white decor as well as lights to warm up the space, and you’re done! There you have it, we hope this look inspires you! Comment what you think below and happy holidays from the iNSPIRE Q team to you!

No fireplace? No Problem. You can hang your stockings from your railings like we did in this loft.

Pillows were purchased from Target. Other decor was purchased from Michaels, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby.