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Every day, thousands of Americans transition to supportive housing in order to escape homelessness and regain independence. What should otherwise be an exciting time of transition can often turn worrisome because the provided homes are completely unfurnished. When faced with this, many are forced to choose between paying bills or purchasing necessary home furnishings each month. Choosing between comfort and survival can lead to a toxic cycle of furniture poverty. It also contributes to the inability to know they have a space to live freely.

What is the Chicago Furniture Bank?

iNSPIRE Q is proud to be a partner of the Chicago Furniture Bank. This organization provides furnishing packages to fully renovate homes for those making this transition throughout the Chicagoland area. These packages include bedroom sets, kitchen/living room furnishings, and home goods. They specifically use donated items from Chicagoans and private donors. Not only do these donations help those in need, but they also keep reusable furniture out of landfills to reduce waste!

We recognized a need that we could undoubtedly support, and we are thankful to partner with an amazing local organization. Together, we can ensure that every recipient gets to live independently in a safe space—without worrying where they will sleep or eat. iNSPIRE Q is actively working to make a difference with the Chicago Furniture Bank through our pledge to donate furniture. Subsequently, we can directly aid those in our community and assist in providing a space of hope, healing, and comfort.

How can you help?

Furniture Banks can be found all across the US and Canada to assist those who are making this transition. They offer the home goods needed to start their journey out of homelessness. And this is all done using donations from the surrounding communities they serve at no cost to those in need.

We hope to inspire everyone to help Make It Home for those who need it most. And you can do so by donating gently used furniture within your home to your local furniture bank! Learn More about the Chicago Furniture Bank here, and be sure to share your involvement with the cause with #iNSPIREQCARES.

#iNSPIREQCARES with the Chicago Furniture Bank
#iNSPIREQCARES with the Chicago Furniture Bank

Andrew Witherspoon, co-founder of the Chicago Furniture Bank meets with iNSPIRE Q Team Members Aimee Latuszek-Brand Strategist, Max Liaw-VP of Operations, and Daisy Roman-Ecomm Customer Service Supervisor.

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