Colors and Patterns and Shapes- Oh My!


At Inspire Q, we can’t seem to get our minds off of patterns, textures, and bold colors. This summer, we’ve been changing the game by dreaming up hot new design ideas to make your home pop with color and originality! Benches are smoking hot this season, and we’re bringing you our best benches for enjoyment in the bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else your imagination takes you!


This Eleanor Moroccan Bench is a great way of re-imagining your bedroom design! Pairing dark shades with bright splashes of colored pattern is a unique way of revitalizing your bedroom and maximizing its color potential. Adding base neutral tones, like a beige bedspread or light gray curtains, opens up the room for a wide variety of color and texture combinations. This bench’s eye-catching Moroccan pattern brings a unique flavor to your bedroom! Replacing that worn-out chest with a padded bench accents your bed and creates a one-of-a-kind impression exclusive to your home and style. The possibilities are endless!


Give the heart of your home a breath of fresh air with a bright pop of color and a shimmer of unique Moroccan pattern! Placing this bench behind your sofa highlights your individual style and shows off your taste for the exotic. Blend hot colors with neutral grays and beiges for an even, balanced appearance that demands attention. And if you’re in need of extra seating during family holidays or cocktail parties, this bench is the perfect solution you’ve been seeking. Why leave your space empty when these gorgeous benches are an amazing addition to your living room? Change mundane to marvelous with a dash of color and pattern, and watch your living room come alive before your eyes!



At Inspire Q  we love challenges and originality. How about you? Designing your living room can be challenging, but it’s also an amazing chance to show off your originality. This Eleanor Moroccan Bench is perfect for dreaming up new ways of imagining your living space. In place of accent chairs or a loveseat, this bench is an eye-catching addition to your existing home furnishings. Adding a bright flash of red to your living room can seem intimidating at first, but try blending it with darker or neutral tones for a balanced and tasteful impression that screams YOU. When functionality meets flair, the result is hot pops of color that sparkle like 4th of July fireworks. Grab everyone’s attention with your own original color choices—get rid of the old and bland, and let your inner design and imagination come roaring out!


When was the last time you really brought out your special personality for everyone to see? Now’s your chance! Our hot Inspire Q Moroccan pattern benches are just the thing for transforming your living room into masterpiece. Who says you can’t replace that old coffee table with a sleek and sassy bench? Your smart and sexy design goddess is telling you to go for it! Whether your living room is larger or smaller, this bench is perfect for any size room, and a snazzy accent piece for your furniture and drapery. You’ll be the envy of your next cocktail party or book club meeting when your guests see this cheeky little number in place of that old coffee table. Blending dark colors with lighter tones is the hot style this summer, so don’t miss out! Find the colors that suit your personal style and taste, and bring them to life!